Sebastian Bach Starts Working on a New Album

Ex-Skid Row singer reveals that the album is due to release in 2013/early 2014.

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Ex-Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach announces working on a new solo album, Blabbermouth reports. "Work on the new studio album has officially begun!!," says the announcement on his Facebook page.

Sebastian Bach also revealed that he's working with producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper) and guitarist Jeff George.

"We began the day writing and coming up parts and ended up recording some blazing, kick-ass grooves that are gonna destroy the rest of the tunes in your iPhone playlist upon loading! Sorry 'bout that! Not!," the singer stated.

Bach's next solo album is tentatively due late 2013/early 2014 via Frontiers Records.

Asked of he feels his latest album, "Kicking & Screaing," got enough credit from the rock community and the fans, Bach told "The Classic Metal Show" in a recent interview: "Yeah. To be on the Billboard chart again is enough credit for me. I like being on the chart. It's cool that I can put out an album that competes on the charts in this day and age."

He added: "I'm not trying to remind anybody of the past; that's the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I never was doing that.

"I don't understand the nostalgia factor of rock and roll fans at all. When Skid Row came out in 1989, we weren't singing songs that were 20 years old, we were singing songs that we just wrote. That's what I'm doing today; that's what I was doing then. So I don't get that whole idea at all."

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    Here's hoping for a metal album like Angel Down instead of that crappy radio attempt that was Kicking and Screaming. And why does he always talk about iPhones? That's not how music should be listened to.
    And how. I don't know anything about this Jeff George, but if he's got even half the riffs that Metal Mike has then I'll be happy.
    To be honest, I'd rather see him approaching Velvet Revolver to replace Scott Weiland. He applied for the spot already back when they were forming the band but wasn't approved for some reason, and his voice would suit their music pretty well, I think.
    Slash and Bach are good friends, but Slash didn't choose Bach for Velvet Revolver because he said "We sounded like "Guns n' Skid Roses"
    Kicking and Screaming wasn't brilliant. he didn't have the balls behind his vocals like he did on Angel Down. Angel Down still kicks my ass every time I hear it.
    Loved Kicking And Screaming, and have recently gotten heavily into Angel Down as well. Amazing news!
    This should be very good album. Better than the new skid row although ill admit Johnny's vocals have gotten much better on this album en I e heared them. I rather sabastian more however his voice is much better.
    I remember delivering pizzas and blaring Youth Gone Wild. I thought he wrote that for me. That shit used to scare old people! Peace.
    I can't imagine a reunited SR sounding better than SB's solo work.