Sepultura Finishes Recording New Album

artist: Sepultura date: 07/12/2013 category: new releases
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Sepultura Finishes Recording New Album
Sepultura has announced that they have finished recording their new album. A post on the DP in the Studio With Sepultura blog has revealed the full details. "The recordings of Sepultura's new album have come to an end. After about 40 days inside the studio of their producer, Ross Robinson, in Venice, California, the Brazilians have concluded the main stage in the elaboration process for the album. "Now, sound engineer Steve Evetts will come into play, being responsible for mixing and mastering the effort. The band is already back in Brazil, where they play today in Piracicaba in the coutryside of the state of Sao Paulo, starting a tour of Brazil which has a date scheduled for Caruaru in August 31st." The blog DP In The Studio With Sepultura will keep on accompanying the progress of the album until its release, scheduled for October. Yet to be announced are the complete tracklist of the album, as well as, of course, the title and its cover. And Andreas Kisser himself has already confirmed that the blog is where all will be revealed first hand. "We have come to the end of the recording process. Now, Ross Robinson will make sure everything is in order so Steve Evetts can start mixing the album. You will follow it all right here in the blog, even after we have left the studio. The band has a Brazilian tour scheduled for this summer: 10/07 - Piracicaba - SP 11/07 - Sao Carlos - SP 14/07 - Boa Vista - SESC Boa Vista 19/07 - Sao Jose dos Campos - SESC Sao Jose dos Campos 09/08 - Goiania - Festival Go Music 10/08 - Indaial - River Rock festival 31/08 - Caruaru - Festival Agreste in Rock
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