Sepultura Guitarist Explains New Album Title

Andreas Kisser reveals new record title is in fact a quote from classic 1927 movie "Metropolis."

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Seeing that the new Sepultura record comes with somewhat of an unusually lengthy title, guitarist Andreas Kisser took some time to thoroughly explain its background story.

During a chat with Diario de Pernambuco, the axeman revealed that the title in fact comes as a quote from classic 1927 movie "Metropolis," often considered as the forefather of the sci-fi genre.

"This name is very different from everything we did before," he said. "Usually we use very short names, very compact names that can be related to many things. But this phrase has the same power, or even better; it's a phrase that reflects a lot of the stuff that we see today, at least through our point of view."

Kisser explained the title further, "It was taken from a movie 'Metropolis' done in the '20s in Germany; it's considered to be the first sci-fi movie in history. Considering the technology they had in the '20, this movie is a miracle, it's an amazing achievement of special effects."

As the guitarist pointed out, Sepultura isn't the first band to be inspired by "Metropolis," naming Motorhead's "Metropolis" track and Queen's "Radio Ga Ga" as some of the previous examples.

Unlike its predecessors "Dante XXI" and "A-Lex," based on "The Divine Comedy" and "A Clockwork Orange," respectively, the group's upcoming record isn't a concept album. As previously reported, the new album will also feature a special guest appearance from former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo on one of the tracks.

Featuring a total of 14 tracks, the "Kairos" follow-up is due out in October via Nuclear Blast Records as the thirteenth alum in Sepultura catalogue.

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