Sepultura Reunite with 'Roots' Producer Ross Robinson

The producer of their seminal 1996 album "Roots" has been drafted in to bring back some of their old magic and record "one of the best albums in the history of Sepultura."

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Sepultura will reunite with producer Ross Robinson for the next album, it has been revealed.

Robinson last worked with the band on 1996's "Roots," which remains their most successful release to date. Now Robinson will co-produce a new Sepultura release Steve Evetts who recorded three albums with the band in the early 2000s.

Robinson rose to fame in the 1990s as a defining nu-metal producer thanks to his work with Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and many others. According to Blabbermouth, the idea to return to Robinson was suggested by Monte Connoer, a former Roadrunner A&R boss who now runs the Nuclear Blast label.

"Monte was the guy who signed Sepultura to Roadrunner in 1988," said guitarist Andreas Kisser. "It's been a nice experience working with him again. He always brought a good energy to the band."

Sepultura have made a solid start to the album and have 13 songs in development already. It's too early for the band to comment on what fans can expect from their latest sound, but Kisser is confident that it'll be a strong release.

"This is the first time writing with [21-year-old drum prodigy] Eloy Casagrande on drums and everything sounds fresh," said Kisser. "You'll just have to wait to hear it. It's very difficult to describe what we're doing, but I can say that will be one of the strongest Sepultura albums to date. It will be definitely one of the best albums in the history of Sepultura."

Do you think Sepultura can pick up their crown and record the best album of their careers? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Saw 'Sepultura reunite with...' and was hoping for a Cavalera return. Oh how my mind can run away with me...
    Slash and Axl Rose, or Phil Anselmo and Vinnie P. will reunite sooner than Cavalera with Kisser.
    At this point a reunion would be a horrible idea. Andreas and Paulo can't stand Max at this point so what would be the fun in seeing these guys on stage who have lost any and all dynamics with each other? Also Max's voice is completely shot. It would sound horrible in my opinion.
    Max always looks tired when playing live nowadays. Plus if you want a Cavalera brothers reunion it's happened already...under the guise Cavalera Conspiracy (they play Sepultura songs often).
    Yeah, seen em play live dude. Played a lot of stuff off Roots haha.
    No I don't think they can top "Arise" and "Beneath the remains", but I'm still gonna give it a spin when it's out.
    Looking forward to the outcome of this! Sepultura continue to make heavy, powerful music even to this day.
    Roots wasn't all that great, even in comparison with Chaos A.D. Sepultura died in 1995.
    Ross Is an amazing producer, Roots, Korn's first two albums, the first two Slipknot albums, Limp Bizkit's debut (before Fred was an annoying ****). The Fear Factory Demo, once he left most of those bands became shit.
    I might give this a listen. I haven't really paid attention to Sepultura for years at this rate outside of the older albums.
    Vicryl 2.0
    DANTE XXI and their last record was good enough for me to give them another try,,,
    Well, I guess that this time is as good as any to get over their split with Max....