Serj Tankian Switches to EDM, Presents Benny Benassi Collaboration

SOAD singer unveils another unexpected endeavor.

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System of a Down fans probably won't be thrilled with this one, but vocalist Serj Tankian has recently drifted into the world of popular EDM music, making a guest appearance on one of the fresh Benny Benassi tracks titled "Shooting Helicopters."

So although SOAD haven't released a new album since 2006, Tankian's still been quite a prolific artist, presenting five solo records and a few collaborations, most notably the one with Tech N9ne.

As for EDM, this isn't Serj's first journey into the world of dance music either, since the singer was announced as one of the guest stars on Avicii's upcoming sophomore album.

Back to the Benassi tune, only a three-minute teaser was presented so far, but the full song is very likely to drop soon. Tankian's high-pitched voice can easily be distinguished and has earned mostly props from the EMD crowd thus far.

Additionally, the singer has recently also confirmed working on music for two-part documentary film "East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints," making him quite a busy bee, but only further and further drifting away from SOAD.

Serj's bandmates weren't afraid to point at him as one of the reasons why the group isn't making progress with the new album, noting that "there are problems in this band." "We probably would have been in the studio making an album already, but for personal reasons, one of our members can't be in the studio right now," said drummer John Dolmayan.

But enough of all that; check out the latest tune below and let us know what you think.

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    >why wont serj do wut i want hym to do :/ >why does he lyke doin other muzik :/ >he should do wut other ppl want hym to do >why does he not obey everyones :/ >i wish he did wut i want him to do
    Surprising that the article has a plethora of downvotes, yet the medal winning comment is the one that mocks the kind of person who would be the typical downvoter on the article.
    Ya know, I get it, and you're right, but having the experience of attending some EDM events (concerts? dance parties? shows? raves? I don't know), they are kind of the worst places on earth. The bass is always turned up too high to the point of distortion (not the good kind, the kind where it's clipping and you're fearful for the structural integrity of the building you are in), and there are just a bunch of super rich white kids on way too much x, to the point where they are enjoying the drugs, not the music. . . which despite the fact that, yes, EDM does take talent to make, is kind of just par, sometimes sub-par, sometimes legitimately good. It's just like, damn, EDM. Really Serj?
    I've seen a few EDM artists live and I really feel sorry for your bad experiences because it's never happened for me. Maybe it might be an artist who gives a different vibe, but they've been really cool. I would even go as far as saying that Chet Faker was one of the most romantic gigs I've ever been to
    I really don't understand this thing Serj has of not wanting to do another SOAD album, if it wasn't for that band he wouldn't have been able to do the 300 other projects he's doing now so why turn his back on it?
    I guess he moved on, SOAD was his way to express his rage against the system. But now he's older, and even his voice have changed, if You listen to reunion concerts, You will hear that his voice kind of doensn't fit into music as much as used to to.
    I've been to two of those shows and haven't found a thing wrong with his voice. Also, he's still pretty angry, just look at some of his recent interviews.
    I'm not surprised, if You heard him on your own years, but try something on youtube (for example Rock Am Ring 2011). He sounds much more nasal, lost some weight in his voice, so his new timbre doesn't really fit the older stuff of System of a Down.
    Agreed, tastes change all the time and if Serj doesn't feel like he wants to make music with SOAD anymore, then he doesn't have to. He doesn't owe us anything at the end of the day. I'd rather SOAD made some new stuff on their own terms rather than fans constantly demanding them to come back with a new album.
    because he doesn't want to. Why is it so hard for fans to understand that famous musicians are people as well. They don't cater to your need, nor should they. You know what it's called if Serj goes back to SOAD because of the fans even if he doesn't want to nor enjoys it, selling out.
    I'm not saying he should cater to anyone and I understand that they are people but so are we, they built up a huge fanbase for a band that millions of people love just to let it fade into nothing.
    to let it fade into nothing? They have given you many great songs which you can listen to as much as you want. What you just said is exactly what you said you aren't saying. They don't owe us anything, they don't cater for us
    There will be new bands with fresh sounds to take the helm. If Serj isn't into it, you can't force him to be. Let's be grateful for the music they did make and leave it at that.
    Key Master
    **** it. I would be ok with an instrumental soad album
    Their instrumental side got really old and played out towards the end. Hence all the vocals on mez/hyp. There was barely any instrumental breakdowns at all. Mesmerize had some good intros but hypnotize had no memorable riffs at all. Those riffs Malkian plays are so utterly simple there's only so much you can do before it all sounds the same.
    Eh...EDM isn't my thing but I stick to saying he can do whatever he wants to do and he doesn't need SOAD fans permission to do it
    Seeing Serj moving further and further away from SOAD reminds me somewhat of some lyrics of chop suey Why have you forsaken me? In your eyes, forsaken me In your thoughts, forsaken me In your heart, forsaken me Hell, at least I got to see them last year Goodbye SOAD
    I think it's alright. I probably know only one overplayed radio hit from Benassi and this is definitely a step up
    You would think eventually people would get sick of EDM music and stop listening to it
    Kinda interesting colab and also I can understand that a guy like Serj wants to try out all sorts of musical ventures in his career instead of doing the same thing over and over again. A new SOAD album would be nice but I can still wait.
    Listen to Daron's solo stuff with Scars on Broadway. You're gonna hate Serj's solo garbage after that.
    I don't know, I quite liked that album at first, but it got annoying pretty fast. Songs like Chemicals and Cute Machines really grate on me, the riff to They Say isn't great either...
    That album was terrible. Serj's Elect the Dead was great and then it all went horribly downhill
    That album was ok, but it was definitely lacking in multiple regards; there were a lot of parts of that record that would have been way better if Serj was singing them.
    DAMN! Such cliche chords. Such horrible lyrics. I like the visuals though!
    And therein is the problem with the majority of EDM: superficial style and little to nothing of substance or uniqueness.
    Mud Martian
    SOAD was great when I was younger. But I've grown up and so has Serj. I haven't listened to his solo shit, and I don't even really care about it. But it's good to see he's moved on with his life. SOAD doesn't suit him anymore.
    I don't know, it just sounds like totally generic EDM to me, starting quiet with echoing, repetitive vocals then building up to a beat with synthesiser. I appreciate that he should be able to do whatever he wants musically, and if he forced himself to write SOAD music it probably wouldn't be that good, it just seems like a shame that he's turning away from what he was good at and what made him famous to write what sounds to me like very average dance music. But who knows, maybe the rest of that song is amazing...
    I'd honestly take a shitty SOAD album over this any day, **** Serj right now lol artists can have a weird way to see things.
    Fuck Serj? because he doesn't want to do what you want him to do? no, Fuck you
    Actually, Fuck you, he's basically not wanting to do what the SOAD FANBASE wants him to do. A lot more than just one person, dude.