Sevendust Members Form New Band Call Me No One

artist: Call Me No One date: 01/11/2012 category: new releases
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Sevendust Members Form New Band Call Me No One
Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose have put together a new band called Call Me No One and plan to hit the studio very soon. Sevendust fans will have plenty of side projects to keep them occupied until the Atlanta hard rockers release the follow-up to 2010s "Cold Day Memory" - which they plan to begin writing soon with the goal of a 2013 release. Guitarist Clint Loweryfs side band Dark New Day will finally release "New Tradition" - an album recorded in 2007 that was never released - on February 28th, right around the time he plans to enter the studio with yet another side project. Loweryfs latest musical endeavor is a new band featuring his Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose named Call Me No One. Few other details have been announced aside from the groupfs intention to begin recording in two weeks and that Lowery "absolutely" wants to tour with the new act. Most likely there are other members involved if they plan on touring, we will let you know as soon as all the involved parties are identified. Thanks for the report to
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