Sevendust: New Album Track Listing

artist: Sevendust date: 01/25/2010 category: new releases
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Atlanta's Sevendust has finished mixing its new album, "Cold Day Memory", for a tentative spring release, reports The band says, "The first single will be announced soon and we'll leak a track for our hardcore fans that have been waiting." The group adds, "We're Very excited to get this out to [the fans]. Keep you eyes and ears out for it. Go to our official website ( to watch daily 'on tour' videos we will post starting February 18. We'll also have small clips of the 'making of the record' that will post weekly leading up to the release this spring." "Cold Day Memory" track listing: 01. Splinter 02. Forever Dead 03. Unraveling 04. Last Breath 05. Karma 06. Ride Insane 07. Confessions (Without Faith) 08. Nowhere 09. Here And Now 10. The End Is Coming 11. Better Place 12. Strong Arm Broken "Cold Day Memory" was recorded at Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, Illinois with producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Machine Head). In other news, Sevendust will take fellow rockers Drowning Pool with them on a late winter road trip ahead of "Cold Day Memory." The two groups will kick off the run with a January 27 show in West Palm Beach, FL, and work their way west, visiting clubs in 11 cities along the way. The itinerary currently wraps with a March 7 performance in Seattle. Tickets go on sale at the band's website. Read more at this location.
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