Sevendust To Release Best Of

Sevendust is now signed to Wine Dark records. Part of the deal may have been that their old home gets to release a best of, and that's what they've got planned on 12/27.

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Sevendust are now signed to Wine Dark records after splitting from TVT. Part of the deal may have been that their old home gets to release a best of, and that's what they've got planned on December 27. The Best Of (Chapter One: 1997-2004) features 16 songs, including the never-before released cover of the Alice Cooper classic, "School's Out."

Sevendust has a new album, Next, out and it's the first away from TVT records. Drummer Morgan Rose, with vocalist Lajon Witherspoon by his side, talked about the relationship with TVT.

"It's weird. You know, we start out, we do things our way. We do the first record, everybody embraces it. We do the second record, everybody embraces it. The third record we're like, 'OK, We're going to get somebody who's sonically in tune with everybody. We went and we did 'Angel's Son' for Lynn Strait for the Strait Up record, and the minute we did that we started to get the idea from the people at the label, 'You know, you should write more songs like that.' It's a beautiful song for a beautiful man and that's what it was done for. I think it did branch us in being able to write songs like 'Christmas Day' and 'Skeleton Song,' which was cool, but really what it really did was it gave them the avenue to start talking and opinionating (sic) giving their opinion on top of everything that we did."

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____________________________________________________________ SEVENDUST ON LABEL TRYING TO CHANGE AND PUSH THEM Sevendust and guitarist Clint Lowery parted ways, with the latter joining his brother Corey to form Dark New Day. Sevendust is currently out on the road with Mudvayne and 10 Years.

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    i thought they were a pretty new band until this article, shows how much i know, lol! i think releasing a best of album after seven years is pretty lame tho, talk about a money making scheme!
    Probly one of the most talented bands out their-Sevendust. Greatist hits will kick ass, cant go wrong with any song of theirs. I also like this new video shit, better news.
    This is a TVT money making scheme. None of the money actually goes to Sevendust.