Sex Pistols Sign To Universal

artist: Sex Pistols date: 02/27/2012 category: upcoming releases

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Sex Pistols Sign To Universal
The Sex Pistols have signed a major recording deal with Universal. It will release an expanded and repackaged edition of "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols", which will be released this year to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary, according to BBC. "Music can be great, when done by the great. The Sex Pistols are the greatest," said a typically immodest Johnny Rotten to NME. "Universal now has a trophy room, music is the imitation of nature, the Sex Pistols are nature, so please give generously. Thank you." Karen Simmonds from Universal is happy with the new signing. "To be given the opportunity to re-evaluate the Sex Pistols catalogue is every music lover's dream. We're looking forward to working with the band and celebrating their impact on worldwide culture." The Sex Pistols formed in 1975 and are widely credited with popularising punk. At one 1976 Sex Pistols gig in Manchester, future members of The Smiths, The Buzzcocks, The Fall, Happy Mondays and Joy Division were inspired to form bands having seen the live energy of punk for the first time. While it might take a major label to manage the scale activity behind a significant historic act, some fans may view the signing with disappointment. In 2007, singer Johnny Rotten came under fire when he took part in a butter advert, with many long term fans disappointed that their punk hero had apparently "sold out". Have the Sex Pistils sold out out all over again, or is the signing necessary to bring their music to a modern audience? Share your view in the comments.
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