Shinedown: 'We Have a New Album Already Recorded'

Florida hard rockers confirm they've already recorded the follow-up to this years' "Amaryllis".

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Shinedown have confirmed that they have already recorded the follow-up to this years' "Amaryllis".

The band released their fourth album earlier this year, which was the follow up to 2008's "The Sound Of Madness". But they have now revealed in an interview that a new album is already in the bag, as reported by NME.

"I've thought about new material. It's funny because... and you're actually the very first person I'll tell this too... I've done plenty of interviews but never let this one out of the bag. We've actually done another record of material. It's actually recorded," singer Brent Smith said in a video interview that you can watch above.

Speaking about the sound of the new material, he added: "It's still very massive. It has a very epic feel to it. But the tempos are a little slower and the subject matter is a little different. I would say it's actually a bit darker. A little bit more mischievous.

When asked about the success of the band's last album 'Amaryllis' Smith added: "This was the first true international record we received. And I say received because it really is an honour and it's a gift and it really is a privilege to get an opportunity from your record label to be released internationally. Because not every band or every artist gets that opportunity."

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    Go back to the Leave a Whisper sound... Used to be a massive fan, but this newest record killed it. Music just sounds too generic.
    Obama FTW
    I couldn't agree more. This recent album was pretty... poor. The other stuff they have is pretty damn good. Also, I thought they played pretty good when I saw them about 5months ago. Really good show.
    Last time I saw them was at Carolina Rebellion and Korn upstaged the hell out of em, so they were kinda bored, every other time I've seen em they were great though.
    I always felt Leave a Whisper was generic save for a song or two (their cover of Simple Man is still probably their best). Us and Them and Sound of Madness were good, but I don't care for the rest.
    First couple albums were pretty good. Last two were hit and miss. Have both great songs that get stuck in my head for days, and songs that I wish I never heard (Bully...). But still looking forward to new stuff. Brent is a wicked singer.
    i agree. i LOVE leave a whisper, i like us and them, sound of madness is ok and amaryllis.. has a few good songs
    I saw these live last week, as well as in February of this year, and they are absolutely IMMENSE live. Undoubtably the best band i've seen. Amaryllis was a brilliant album if you ask me, so i can't wait for a follow up. Liam
    You should watch more (good) bands live. I could probably count all the bands I've seen on both hands, but Shinedown is one of them. They're easily one of the least entertaining, most boring bands I've seen yet. It was probably around 2008 when I saw them, and Brent Smith was clearly not lip-syncing because he sounded awful.
    Yea, their singer is a very good lipsyncer
    I can tell you for a fact that he doesn't Lip Sync. Yes, he has in the past, but that was a few years ago. He doesn't need to any more. The guy's got some serious pipes, no need for miming any more. Liam
    He still does and it's a shame, because he's got really cool voice.
    I hope this ones better then their last mess.. I mean it had some decent songs, but the whole album was way too hard on the ears imo.. needed better mixing. TSOM was their best album imo.
    I have seen everybody from AC/DC to Rush and in between. Shinedown matches any of them. Great band!!!