Silversun Pickups To Release 'Neck Of The Woods' In May

artist: Silversun Pickups date: 03/30/2012 category: new releases
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Silversun Pickups To Release 'Neck Of The Woods' In May
Dangerbird Records is excited to announce the release of the new record by the Grammy-nominated Silversun Pickups, "Neck Of The Woods", on May 8. The record was produced by the Grammy Award-winning Jacknife Lee (U2, Weezer, REM, Snow Patrol), and the song "Bloody Mary" will be the first single. The band is confirmed to perform from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! outdoor stage on release day, May 8. Lead singer/guitarist Brian Aubert told Spin magazine that the songs sound "like a horror movie." He continued, "[2009's] 'Swoon' was more about what I was feeling at that particular time, whereas with this one, I wanted to see what built me. It was learning why I am the way I am." When discussing the sound of "Neck Of The Woods", Aubert told Spin that drummer Christopher Guanlao steals the show. "We really wanted to play with drums as textures. We played around with drums coming in here and there and building atmosphere, which guitars usually do." But he went on to joke, "I'm not going to let the others have all the fun. It's still a rock record. We wanted to have moments of explosions like we've done in the past, but we didn't want them to carry the whole song. There's something a little bit psychoticsounding that we really like and we didn't want to fill it entirely with big guitars." The band will be touring throughout 2012 and 2013.
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