Skid Row Stream New EP 'United World Rebellion - Chapter One'

artist: Skid Row date: 04/17/2013 category: new releases
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Skid Row Stream New EP 'United World Rebellion - Chapter One'
Hard rock veterans Skid Row have decided to make their fans happy with the full stream of their new EP "United World Rebellion - Chapter One." Featuring a total of five new rocking tracks, the record marks the group's first release since 2006's "Revolutions Per Minute." The five-piece has returned in style, but this is only the beginning, as an entire set of RP releases is expected within the next 12 to 18 months. "We seem to be at our best when we're faced with adversity," said guitarist Snake Sabo. "It's us against the world again - and by us I mean the band and the fans who stick with us and carry the Skid Row torch without fail. It's still about writing a great song with your friend, praying it connects with someone." You can check out the album stream below or head over to Amazon and make your purchase online. The latest full-length Skid Row release, "Revolutions Per Minute," came out in October 2006, receiving mixed reviews and generally flopping on the charts.
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