Skillet Reveal 'Rise' Artwork and 'Sick of It' Single Teaser

The follow-up to 2009's "Awake" is due to release on June 25.

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Skillet have revealed their forthcoming studio album artwork via their official website.

As band guitarist Korey Cooper stated in her Twitter, the artwork contains the drawing by band's drummer Jen Ledger.

The band's forthcoming release will be supported by two singles, "Sick of It" (April 9) and "American Noise" (April 16).

Check out the album artwork and "Sick of It" teaser video below.

YouTube preview picture

So dont know if any1 mentioned this yet but @jenledger drew all the artwork on our album including the girl on the coversoo talented:)

Korey Cooper (@koreycooper) April 3, 2013

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    I'm Jewish and I love Skillet. Skillet are a rare "Christian Rock" band that doesn't shove Jesus in your face. Almost every song can be interpreted differently for each person, which to me, is a huge reason why I love em
    Sleeping in
    I used to really like Skillet, saw them live a number of times... but the beginning of this song really only reminds me of Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"...
    Well, no one's regreted to whisper in the track anyway. Besides, we don't know if it's the track intro or not.
    There is a lot of Skillet hate going on right now... Even with it being UG I wasn't really expecting that. Is it because they're Christian? They're radio friendly rock, so what makes them any worse than any of the others?
    It's because they're a band that sounds similar to many other non-Christian radio friendly bands but doesn't have as creative lyrics.
    Hate on me all you want...but the only thing I am sick of is this band. Overrated as hell. They bring absolutely nothing new to the table.
    I actually agree that they're overrated, and I kind of like them (which is uncharacteristic of me, because I tend to dislike bands that present the kind of boring songwriting structures/riffs that Skillet does).
    does anyone else remember when they were just a less than mediocre christian band? or is that just me?
    Um...they pretty much are that... But, in the same way, there's many mediocre secular bands too. I don't really care about a band's religion (or lack thereof), but I do think it's silly that people put Christian bands in a different category for some reason.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Oh, that's exactly what they are. Hopefully they can Rise from the atrocity of the last 3 albums.
    Well I don't like them, hate me or don't. Sorry you can't except my opinion and think I am stupid for not liking them.
    I don't hate you for it. I always respect people that say they don't like a band instead of just hating on them and saying they suck just because they aren't their style and such.
    link no1
    "Skrillet article eh? I don't like them or really care about what they have to say...Better go on that article and tell people about my feelings!"
    I read it cause it was there. I was interested in what it said...I didn't come here for the purpose of just commenting.
    Totally love that Skillet's getting some love on UG. They rock!
    I cant stand skillet even though im a Christian. but I do like jen ledger. plus shes wickeddd sexy
    im not mental
    i don't mind the fact that they're a christian band. i mind the fact that (judging from that trailer) they can't write a good song.
    They aren't just a christian pop metal band. They are a shitty christian band and a shitty pop metal band, put those two together... MEGASHIT band.
    I remember listening to these guys before the broke through in the mainstream. Savior and Open Wounds are 2 of my favs.