Slash Album Update: 'We Like to Do Things Organically'

Guitar icon very happy about the band, worried about keeping up with the guys.

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The second episode of Slash's "Real to Reel" video series has recently surfaced, giving another update on the new album sessions.

This time around, the focus was on bassist Todd Kerns, sharing an insight on the record's low end.

"On Planet Slash as I call it, we like to do things a lot more organically. For me, and for Slash as well, it's all about - if you like what's coming out of your amp, there's no need to fix it," the bassist explained as a few tasty bass lick were grooving in the background."

"These guys are playing amazingly," Slash chipped in. "I've never seen [drummer] Brent [Fitz] play the way that he's played on this record and Todd is in here doing bass now and he's just blowing my mind. And it's really raising the bar for me as well. My guitar playing has to be able to stand up to that and sit on top of it."

So far, Slash confirmed 16 new songs ready, along with a heavier overall groove. No release date has been set as of yet, with Kerns noting that the album will be "ready when it's ready." The rest of the video features fresh riffs galore, make sure to give it a look or two below.

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    Very excited for this. Todd Kerns has a great sense of rhythm and humour; talented chap. Hope to hear more of him vocally too, the backing vocals on Apocalyptic Love in addition to solo records and live performances show he has some serious pipes.
    Myles must have the craziest schedule being in two huge bands like that.
    Funny you should say that. He's been working on a solo album since around 2005 - after the 'Blackbird' tour cycle with Alter Bridge he got a call asking him to jam with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. As soon as he sat down after that he got the call from Slash. I think in the last 4 years he's only had around a month of time off touring or recording, and most of that was spent promoting 'Fortress'. Mad respect for the guy; astounding work ethic.
    astounding work ethic? can you really call this work? tell you what, get me into this situation and ill work everyday of my life.
    I don't think you can fathom the drain this has on people. Physically and mentally. All of the traveling, shows, press coverage, and not to mention writing new material. For 4 years? Yeah, no thanks. 100% agree, the man is a machine.
    nate, once you've reached puberty, you will have hopefully changed your mind. The fact that his work is insanely fun and a dream come trough, doesn't mean it ain't hard work.
    Saw these guys live last tour - phenomenal show. Todd belted out lead vocals on the Appetite version of "You're Crazy", better than Axl ever could have done it. No sh!t. Very talented chap. Met Brent after the show, cool dude as well.
    Are people stupid. "The title makes no sense." The title "We like to do things organically" means that they use RAW SOUND. NO EFFECTS. Jesus fu¢king Christ I thought I was on a music website.
    Awesome news. I work with Brent Fitz's former guitarist from his previous band. Always good to hear musicians from central Canada hitting it big. Cant wait for the new Slash album. Any idea who's doing vocals? As much as I like Alter Bridge, I hope its not Kennedy, it didn't fit well IMO.
    It's Myles; I think it fit well; and as an Alter Bridge fan you'll know that Myles has a scarily large range, and we may just see him utilise more of it.
    Yeah, it could be totally different. The fact that slash states the new tunes have a "heavier groove" that gets me even more pumped, and might fit even better with Myles' vocal style. Thanks for the info.
    I'm just hoping we get more songs like 'Locomotive' and 'Coma' this time around. 'Anastasia' proves that Slash can still write outside the standard 3 minute verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure; and while Apocalyptic Love provided some great music it wasn't all that varied. I'd love to see something a little more progressive and unpredictable from these guys.
    That's why I liked the solo album, every song was a totally different style and he really shines outside his comfort zone. That's part of why GNR worked, because AXL pushed him.
    I bet it'll be good, although I'd still like an album like the first with all different singers instead of just Myles on all tracks.
    that's a fun one time experience, but Myles is absolutely the best fit for Slash's albums, he's in my opinion the best rock vocalist of this age.