Slash Completes New Album Recording

17 songs officially wrapped up, release info coming soon.

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Guitar icon Slash has officially wrapped up the recording sessions of his new solo effort, a follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love."

The axeman made the announcement via Twitter, confirming 17 new tunes, including one instrumental track.

"Recording of the next LP is finished! These are all working titles fyi. Except for 1," the guitarist posted, along with the photo below. "Will announce release date very soon," he added.

In case you missed Slash's "Real to Reel" studio update series, the album is gearing up to be quite a killer. Each of the episodes featured an abundance of sharp riffs and hard-rocking grooves; add positive studio atmosphere and a group of musical craftsmen to the mix and the expectations are rightfully set quite high. The series is available over on YouTube.

As reported, Slash is set to hit the US road with Aerosmith this summer. Whether or not the new album will hit the shelves by then yet remains to be seen.

Recording of the next LP is finished! These are all working titles fyi. Except for 1. iiii]; )'

- Slash (@Slash) April 5, 2014

More complete image of the song work board. 17 tracks total. Will announce release date very soon. RnFn'R! iiii]; )'

- Slash (@Slash) April 5, 2014

Actually, it's 16 songs & 1 instrumental. My bad. iiii]; )'

- Slash (@Slash) April 5, 2014

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    Can't believe it's been 2 years since "Apocalyptic Love". Time ****ing flies. Looking forward to this, his debut album was a pleasant surprise to me.
    'Music to murder your girlfriend by' Don't change this title either Slash.
    Can't wait! If the Real to Real episodes are anything to go by this will be pretty f'n cool!
    Slash is simply a wonderful artist. With him, you don't have to wait an eternity to see an album coming (hello Tool, System of a Down...) and he gives so much strength to what he does. You can always hope for the best. HE is a musician.
    There's no doubt this album will be great. Slash is such a hard working artist. This is why he is one of my favourite guitarists.
    I'd make some sort of shit comment about how long it takes Axl to do anything, let alone release an album but I can't be bothered to think of a witty comment at this point.
    I know, look at all the music Slash has put out since Guns, and Axl has put out one album in that I wonder who misses who?
    Apocalyptic Love was great, hopefully this album continues on from there!