Slash Confirms 16 Songs Ready for New Album

"Hard to decide what goes on the record," the guitarist adds.

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Merely a week after hitting the studio to work on a new album, guitar icon Slash has now confirmed 16 new tracks ready to go. In a brief Twitter update, the axeman noted: "16 tracks worked up and completed. Plus an instrumental? Hard to decide what goes on the record, what will be bonus tracks. It's all cool." As reported, Slash also confirmed recently jamming with ZZ Top axeman Billy Gibbons. Whether the session was related with the new album yet remains to be seen. When it comes to release date, the guitarist announced plans for the record to tentatively drop in early 2014. Slash's latest studio effort, "Apocalyptic Love," saw its release in May 2012 through Dik Hayd International.

16 trx worked up & completed. + an instrumental? Hard 2 decide what goes on the record, what will b bonus trx. It's all cool. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) December 19, 2013

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    I wish Slash would stop playing it safe, it seems he's gotten a bit comfortable since his "celebrity" has sort of been rejuvinated these past few years since he kind of faded a bit in the 90's, I wish he'd just go more out of his comfort zone and do less generic blues rock and more songs like Anastasia, that song proves that if he puts his mind to it, he can do amazing stuff, this is the guy that wrote the music to Coma and Locomotive, two songs I think are on par with November Rain.
    I dunno, maybe that's just what he wants to do. I mean he did make it his own band so he could do what he wants. It seems this band though is becoming much less about him as it merges into a full blown band, so you may see some different influences. Regardless I'll be content as long as the songs are of quality. PS Coma is one of the greatest songs GN'R ever, ever, released.
    I agree with this so much. Of all the things he's done Apocalyptic Love is near the bottom. he needs a kick in the ass to take him out of his comfort zone. I think that's something Axl (and to a lesser extent) Weiland somehow managed to do. Myles is just to laid back
    Y'know what I can't stand. That people complain that Slash is overrated. Maybe, but at least it's a rocker and not someone like Jonas Brothers or Big time rush.
    He's only overrated because many people like him. When you understand that, what does it really mean? You're gonna hate a guy because tons of people like him and his music? It sounds ridiculous! It's not like he's ever claimed to be the greatest or anything.
    Yeah, he has a really unique and identifiable sound to his playing. That is what makes him great despite not being the most technically perfect or outrageously experimental player I can name.
    "Whether the session was related with the new album yet remains to be seen" so that contradicts the title then, doesn't it?