Slash Records New Album Demos

Slash is pushing forward with his new album recordings with some early demos, barely a year after his critically-acclaimed "Apocalyptic Love" is released. So when will it be released?

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Slash has revealed on Twitter that he has started early recording sessions for a brand new solo album.

It will follow his hugely popular "Apocalyptic Love" which was only released a short time ago in May 2012, though it's early days for his new recording and there's no sign of a release date yet.

Slash is still committed to the current lineup of his solo band known as Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, according to comments Slash made in July last year. Slash might appreciate the freedom to hire whoever he likes for his live band, but he's often said how happy he is with the current lineup for their professionalism.

Slash recently reassured Alter Bridge fans that they don't have to worry about him stealing Myles Kennedy away from any current Alter Bridge recording sessions, promising that he'll wait for them to complete their current album and tour cycle before snapping him back up.

Here's Slash's tweet that confirmed he's making progress on the new record:

Started the demo process for the next S/M & the Conspirators record last night; lots of material to work up. It's going 2 be good. iiii]; )'

Slash (@Slash) March 20, 2013

Meanwhile, Slash also commented on the anniversary of guitarist Randy Rhoads' untimely death in 1982:

I still can't believe, all these years later, what a senseless tragedy it was that took Randy Rhoads from us. He had so much more to offer.

Slash (@Slash) March 20, 2013

When do you think the new Slash record will be ready? Place your bets in the comments.

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    Say what you will about Slash, he is definitely one of the hardest working musicians out there right now in terms of creating albums.
    I didn't think much of Apocalyptic Love, not that it was bad or anything, I liked it, it was just underwhelming. His first solo album was fantastic, lots of different styles and singers, really showed off what he could do. Apocalyptic Love sounded like what Guns N Roses would have done, just with Myles Kennedy. Like I said, not bad, just less than I expected. With that all said, I'm looking forward to this! I love Slash and all his work and I am yet to be truly disappointed.
    I can't see them taking months and months recording this, but who knows. It'd be nice to have in the summer!Last Album was great and even better when packed into a small venue.
    Saw them last year in a ~300 seat venue and it was awesome. Slash can definitely rock a festival stage, but a dark, dirty, and sweaty venue is so much more befitting.
    I didn't dig the Miles Kennedy songs. He's a fantastic vocalist, but he just doesn't do it for me. Gotta love Chains and Shackles! Would be awesome if Slash teamed up with Nick again.
    Glad somebody finally criticized Myles in a respectful way. Can't wait for the new albums (Slash and Alter Bridge) (and Sabbath )
    Yeah, I don't hate Miles voice, and he is a skilled singer, but I have to admit that Scott did more for me. On the flip side, Slash + Miles sounds more like classic Slash than Scott + Slash. Not to say that Velvet Revolver had a bad sound, I love Velvet Revolver. I just really love that signature Slash sound that comes through more clearly in his other bands.
    I know exactly what you mean. On AL, Slash brought back that UYI era style to his playing, and Myles having toured with Slash for a few years at that point, playing all of GNR's classics, he learned a lot about the classic rock singing style. However, I'm not a huge fan of Myles' nasaly and clean sound, I prefer someone with more attitude, like AXL or Scott.
    Glad to see that he's working hard at making his own legacy separate from GnR. I like Apocalyptic Love, so I'll be looking forward to this