Slash Records Song For 'Nothing To Fear' Soundtrack

Slash updated fans over the weekend on a film project by his production company.

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Slash updated fans over the weekend on a film project by his production company "Slasher Films".

"Recorded a song for Nothing To Fear over the weekend," tweeted Slash. "Myles [Kennedy] did a fantastic vocal. Haunting/creepy as hell. Movie's out next year."

The movie follows a family that moves to a small town seeking a better life, only to to run against a charismatic but emotionally conflicted man of the cloth.

The film stars Clancy Brown, Anne Heche and Jennifer Stone.

Anthony Leonardi III, a creature artist and storyboard artist who worked on "Rango" and "47 Ronin", is directing the movie, which began shooting in May in Louisiana, HenneMusic reports.

A 2013 release date has yet to be announced.

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    Looking forward to it, love when Slash writes darker songs.
    With Myles Kennedy on vocals, it's probably not gonna sound much darker than a Twilight movie.
    Listen to Slip yourself the Void or Show Me A Sign off of Alter Bridge's AB 3. If you can still say that after listening, then I will accept your opinion.
    I had listened to that whole album at some point prior to making that comment, so I can definitely still say that with confidence.
    Idk why Myles gets so much crap, he is an amazingly skilled singer.
    He's definitely an ok singer - no argument there, at all. I think what people don't like about him is that his voice can be kind of annoying and it's pretty thin. There's not much power to his voice, at all; there never has been. Plus, it's my opinion that he's far from being a very good songwriter. Also, sometimes he kind of reminds me of a Gavin Degraw type of singer. That's not a bad thing, but that's not the type of vocalist I usually go for. Not to compare him to Axl Rose, but it's usually a lot easier to draw comparisons between Myles Kennedy and Gavin Degraw than it is to draw comparisons between him and Axl Rose - or even Robert Plant, for that matter (I feel like they're two of the hard rock vocalists he most tries to emulate lately)... or Freddie Mercury, Ian Gillian, Ronnie James Dio, Chris Cornell (in his prime), Layne Staley, Rob Halford, Joe Cocker, or any other notoriously powerful singer with a substantial vocal range.
    He doesn't "push" his voice like all of those other singers. There's a reason he can still sing as well as he does for a 43 year old. It's because he's not pushing as much out of it as he possibly can. If you've ever listened to any of The Mayfield Four's second album, he "pushes" it on that on some of the songs. And it sounds good.
    I get where you're coming from, and "amazing" was probably too strong a word. I agree his voice can get thin, but his power isn't in volume, imo. It's in emotion. Listen to AB's song "Blackbird", or listen to him live. He's a little more than ok. Again, though, that's my opinion only.
    I don't think it will be anything with actual lyrics or even a prominent melody. I expect it will be nothing more than some high pitched vocals in the background.
    I agree with the mayfield four stuff, like the song 12/31 , it has amazing vocals. Also if you ever saw the Led Zepp cover he did at the live in Amsterdam AB show, where he sings Traveling Riverside Blues, if you haven't, that is definatly something you should check out!