Slash Release 360 Performance On iOS

His new video is an immersive app experience which lets you watch their performance and move around in real time. Check out the demo video here for a taste of the future of music videos.

Ultimate Guitar

Slash has launched an innovative new app which reinvents the music video for the modern age.

It uses a so-called 360 degree video platform which puts you at the centre of their performance of new single "Standing In The Sun".

Available on iPhone and iPad, the app lets you watch them play from different vantage points, and rotate/zoom in real time to see what you want, when you want.

Slash teamed up with developers Mativision for the app. You can see a sample in the player below, or check it out on the iOS store.

"I think the 360 application definitely takes the listener into the world of the musician," said Slash, "so that you can actually be in the room where the artist is recording or in a live situation where you can be all around the stage and behind the stage and it just gives it a lot more depth and it really sort of puts you in the world of what the artist is doing."

See the demo video here:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of the new technology? Will all music videos be this interactive someday? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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    I'm not a slash fan, but it seems that slash has lots of haters too. I guess it's because he's more popular than what he deserves (at least in the eyes of smart-ass guitarists around here). UG community is also cursed with haters.
    Muse did this with their whole Origin of Symmetry 10th anniversary set in summer '11
    I remember too, and I remember also being a bit annoyed since it was iOS only. I hope this doesn't become a trend. I'll be a sad Android user.
    I'm doubtful this is going to be big, but carefully optimistic. It does seem pretty nice to have full control over your viewpoint. You get to see a lot of details you would have missed otherwise.
    Sort of Chili Peppers video for 'Look Around.' Apart from on phones? How... revolutionary.
    Oh man, was he using the Kogeto Dot? I've been badgering those guys to release an android Dot for a year now. "It's in production for a near-future release."