Slash Releasing New Album 'World on Fire' in September, Presents Cover Artwork

17-track effort set to drop on September 15, details inside.

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Slash has officially unveiled full details of his upcoming studio album "World on Fire," sharing a September 15 release date, as well as a full track listing and cover artwork.

The axeman's third solo effort marks the follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love" and features production work of Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Alter Bridge, Falling in Reverse, Incubus).

Asked during a recent Q&A about the extent of sonic experimentation featured on the record, Slash replied, "The whole record sounds new compared to the last album. Yes we did do a lot of tonal and EQ and guitars. I can't say we were looking to break ground with new technology, because we did this to tape. But from a tonal and equalization point of view, we definitely broke a lot of new ground."

As reported, the album recording process was detailed during "Real to Reel" series and featured an abundance of killer riffs, setting the bar fairly high for this one. Check out the trippy cover and full track listing below.

"World on Fire" track listing:

01. World on Fire
02. Shadow Life
03. Automatic Overdrive
04. Wicked Stone
05. 30 Years to Life
06. Bent to Fly
07. Stone Blind
08. Too Far Gone
09. Beneath the Savage Sun
10. Withered Delilah
11. Battleground
12. Dirty Girl
13. Iris of the Storm
14. Avalon
15. The Dissident16. Safari Inn17. The Unholy

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    Interesting cover art... Never woulda thought that cracked-out Simpsons characters could fit into... Anything.
    I always wondered what people on acid saw. The cover is pretty cool. Hopefully the songs are as interesting as the artwork
    Nice cover, but it looks a bit psychodelic/experimental for what I imagine Slash has recorded. And is that bunny growing a Barney Gumble head out of its bum??
    Supposed to be an album back to his dirty rock n roll roots/alley cat vibe . I really dug GnR, VR, Snakepit and his solo stuff so I honestly can't wait.
    I can't say I'm into the cover artwork, but since when does that have anything to do with the album itself? Bring it on, I say!
    17 songs? Geez. Will probably pass. Wasn't a huge fan of the first two. Not a big Myles Kennedy fan either. Kind of waiting for Slash to do something cool again...
    I loved the first one with all the singers. The last one with MK was just boring for me too. I feel like this one may have a song or two but the rest will just mesh together.
    Oh yeah. Despite my initial post, I definitely prefer the first over the second. There was a lot of diversity there, and it made for an somewhat interesting project. Not all of it is great of course, but there are some strong parts to it (in my opinion of course). I suppose I just really lost interest when the second album came out and I didn't connect to literally anything on the disc. Very boring album.
    The previous one was a bit boring at first, but now two years later and its all i listen to in my car. Very intricate guitaring- its slash. Im going w we will roam as my favorite stanfing in the sun a close second and shots fired is pretty cool
    You didn't even like Far and Away? I thought that had a really cool vibe and the outro solo is just epic. Also, the bonus track Carolina sounded like an AFD song.
    Cover art looks like a modern take on a Hieronymous Bosch painting. Cant wait for the album too, the rest have been really consistent so far
    awesome! but why does MK write so lame titles?? (safari inn?!?) never mind i am too excited!
    It's an instrumental track, so with a title like that you can kinda guess what the vibe will be like.
    The album art would look better without the writing, also 17 songs is a bit ambitious.
    So were the Use Your Illusion albums, and they worked out okay!
    Yeah but they had Axl and Izzy writing most of the music, Slash isn't really known for his musical diversity.
    well if thats too many songs for you, then you can just pick your 10 favs, burn it to a cd, and only listen to that. It'd be like your own personal lil album!
    He does however seem to have a really broad scope for music - I remember a whole lot of articles where he expresses enjoyment or affection towards a lot of bands, some completely out of the genre he plays - Fx. he apperantly is a fan of Radiohead, and got into them through the album Amnesiac, which for the record is probably THE strangest and most easy-listner unfriendly album they've ever written. Slash might play a large share of his music within the same musical field, but what he enjoys listning to is apperantly much wider.
    I guess he was Standing in the Sun for so long, that he had to write about how savage it is beneath it.
    can't wait to listen to the new album from the most badass guitar player of the world!!! His albums are always a masterclass of how rock should sound! Love the cover art (it's done by the same guy who did the cover for Slash 2010) and that is gonna be 17 songs on it. Definitely gonna buy the whole packaga from Classic Rock! Keep on rockin our world Slash!!!
    I would be so happy to hear an experimental album from the band, but anything released by them is definitely going to be epic as per usual. The only band I look forward to releasing albums these days, which makes me very one eyed but I don't care - I'm 50yo and can't relate to anything else. Go Slasher!