Slash Starts Working On A New Album

The guitarist marks the beginning of work on the new studio release.

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Iconic axeman Slash seems to be keeping himself quite busy these days. After becoming an 'honorary Angry Bird' and getting his own signature Slashbird character in the latest edition of "Angry Birds Space" game, the guitarist apparently decided to focus on music by officially announcing the beginning of work on his third solo album, a follow-up to last year's "Apocalyptic Love".

"Coming up with a lot of cool s--t for new songs and a ton of cool ideas recorded from the tour. Going to start putting them together," Slash revealed in a recent post via official Twitter page.

In order to assure Alter Bridge fans that the new album plans will not disrupt the band's work, Slash immediately posted a follow-up tweet, saying that "AB fans have no cause for worry. They will soon release a new CD and tour this year. I will catch Myles on the flip side."

Slash's current studio release, "Apocalyptic Love", was released back in May 2012, debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart by selling 38,000 copies within the first week. The latest video for "Anastasia" track saw it's release last month.

So are you looking forward to the new material here or what? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Id be alright if he did the guest singer thing like the first album. That album was dooope.
    Yes, but Myles Kennedy is great too
    One can easily begin to crave something close to M. Shadows and Slash in the same track after being without it for so long...
    Check your ears that man is a disgrace. Absolutely horrible at singing.
    You might not like his singing, but based on technical ability alone, he's actually a really good singer. Pretty big vocal range.
    He doesn't sound good to me, but I wouldn't say he's horrible at singing. I don't like what he does with it, but he usually hits the notes pretty well. It's just that his voice isn't really cut out for it, and his performances show that. I'm pretty sure he would blow his voice out if it actually put anything into his performances. Now, if you were to say he was a horrible songwriter, I would agree completely.
    Same here, the range of vocalists and different styles between each song was brilliant. Who knew Fergie could pull rock n roll off?
    Honestly, Slash, Duff, Matt (or Steven), hell maybe even Izzy (he's been making guest appearances all over the place recently), should get together with Myles Kennedy and form a concrete band. That performance at the RnR HoF was the best I've heard from that crew all together since GNR broke up, and in my humble opinion, Myles is an exceedingly better singer than Axl these days. But I would want to hear them play mostly new music instead of riding off of the GnR connection. This is where the magic can happen, and I feel like Slash totally has the ability to pull all of these guys together.
    Agreed. Myles came up with some classic lyrics and vocal meoldies on AL. I think with Izzy and Slash writing together, they would be near classic GNR levels of awesome.
    Original Guns with the hack known as Myles Kennedy would truly be a low point in rock history.
    Axl? Is that you?
    Believe it or not, not everybody is in love with Myles Kennedy. I respect the shit out of his work ethic, but I really don't like his work. His voice is more than just not what I prefer; it's downright off-putting. Couple that with what I consider to be horrible and incredibly bland songwriting, and I don't see what everyone is so crazy about him for. I can understand people liking him, but I don't see how anybody could be in love with his work. The majority of it is pretty generic, to me. He doesn't really even have any uniqueness to him.
    Generic? Name one singer in contemporary rock who sounds anything like him.
    Brent Smith. They don't sound identical, but their style and their voices are very comparable, especially in older Shinedown stuff. Brent Smith has a much more powerful voice, and Myles Kennedy's is a more breathy one, but I think that's a pretty fair comparison off the top of my head.
    Actually, Brent smith had trouble with singing those notes that he does in studio recordings while Myles pulls of his notes (that are also higher) perfectly most of the time. And to even compare the track bully to anything off of ABIII would be idiotic. Imho
    I know that. I know not everyone likes him. But to say that the original GnR with Myles would be a "low point in rock history" is just ridiculous.
    I feel like VR is gone for good now, every band member has other stuff going on. It's a shame, but at least some good music has come out of it. I've really enjoyed Slash's solo stuff and Duff McKagan's Loaded.
    I'm a big fan of Slash and his music. I expected something a bit different on the last album, but it was still good. I hope the next one is better.
    Me too. I feel like he rushed the solos on AL. No More Heroes and Crazy Life were the only excellent ones. But he's been playing so much since the solo album, I think it can only be better. The last time he toured for over 2 years straight was UYI, and he was on fire then.
    I'm actually getting tired of Slash. Love him and all, but these solo albums and even most VR material isn't, IMO, good enough to keep me coming back.
    I agree. I probably like Velvet Revolver more than you did, but they were kind of hit or miss, for the most part. His first 'solo' album was kind of cool for something different, but there were only a couple tracks worth repeated listens. Ironically (if you know my opinion about him), the two tracks with Myles Kennedy were two of the only 3-4 songs I really liked from that album. So I was kind of looking forward to Apocalyptic Love before it came out. I thought there was a chance I'd get to understand what all the fuss is about over Myles Kennedy. But then I heard the album. It just sounded like it was thrown together, on everyone's parts. The production/mixing was decent but not fantastic (I wasn't crazy about the overall sound and tones). The guitar work was lazy and generic; the rhythm parts weren't very good, and I heard a LOT of recycled licks in the lead work. The drums and bass are both just kind of there; nothing noteworthy about the performance or sound of either one. The vocals were downright laughable, and the lyrics were kind of pretentious and overtly serious (like most of his work). Needless to say, there just weren't any good songs on it, and I'm barely looking forward to giving the next one a chance.
    King Bluesy
    Apocalyptic Love was so meh to me. I am on the Slash, Duff, Matt thing but no Myles please.
    It's good to see Slash being so productive. At this point he should just stick with it because VR doesn't look like it's going to be reunited anytime soon, and Duff has a good thing going for him with Loaded.
    I loved Apocalyptic Love. The solos could've been a bit more planned out, as previously mentioned, but as far as tuneage goes, it was great. One of the best "classic" sounding albums out in a while. Can't wait to hear a new one. But I also can't wait to hear the new Alter Bridge. I'm glad they are all respecting Myles' many commitments to different projects.
    Slash is working his ass off. All artists should be like this!
    Myles farting sounds better than most singers today. I'll take anything with that guy playing either guitar or singing. Go grab Mayfield Four's Second Skin - it's an incredible cd.
    Great. Apocalyptic Love was a solid album, If he's doing another one as solid I'll be happy. I would like more diversity though.. maybe an acoustic song and a instrumental one, that' ll be cool.
    Apocalyptic Love was a solid rock album, lots of the songs I have in my playlist at the gym. I gotta feeling this next one is going to outdo it as well, Slash has a lot of momentum behind him especially with the tour I believe he just finished (unreal show btw). It's good that Alter Bridge are releasing a new cd too for the AB fans.
    this is good news, the title of the article implied that this was coming sooner than it actually is, which made me nervous about the quality, but it looks like Slash is staying as busy as he can, which is great.
    Why is the thumbnail on the main page a pic of Dave Mustaine?
    Really? A whole UG article based on a tweet?
    You must be new here
    You forgot to say "ProphetToJables SLAMS UG Article"
    As much as I love Slash and can't wait for his next album (I saw him in Birmingham last year). A whole article using an offhanded tweet is jumping the gun a bit...
    "A whole article using an offhanded tweet is jumping the gun a bit..." Young grasshopper, time will give you the UG wisdom to understand this.
    If its not velvet revolver, im not interested.
    Josh Reubenking
    Well, if all you want is a Velvet Revolver album, you're gonna be waiting for a looooong time. Face it, it's NEVER gonna happen.
    nice, although I like Myles, I'd really like to hear another album full of guest singers, but that's just me
    Awesome news! Hope the solos won't sound as clueless as on AL. Don't get me wrong, i loved both his solo albums, but the solos on AL coulda been better!
    Its hard to believe that some people dont like Myles. The guy is legend. Everything he touches is good. I seen Slash live recently and gotta say Myles sounds great on all songs, i preffer him singing GnR songs to Axl... However i kinda agree that AL was rushed, and i dont like production as well. Very big expectations for this new album. Unforunatelly with Alter Bridge and Slash fighting over Myles, i dont see how he will be able to finally releasse his solo album ;/
    38K for the first week of release in the US? Either billboard doesn't factor in digital sales or something's ****ed up there.
    Or nobody buys albums anymore because they all feel entitled to other people's work. Personally, I didn't buy it because - due to legitimate online pre-release streaming - I found out it was shit before I wasted my money on it.