Slash Talks New Album: 'It's Almost Like It Wrote Itself, It Was Very Effortless'

artist: Slash date: 05/30/2014 category: new releases
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Slash Talks New Album: 'It's Almost Like It Wrote Itself, It Was Very Effortless'
Discussing the writing process of his upcoming album "World on Fire," guitar master Slash described the experience as very organic and easy-flowing, praising the band chemistry along the way.

Chatting with Music Radar, he noted, "The one thing about this record is that it was almost like it wrote itself, it was very effortless.

"And that happens very rarely, when there's a certain energy that carries the creative process and it's almost like you're not in control of it and you just ride that wave. That's how this record was. I can't think of any outside influence other than just going with this creative flow."

Further explaining, Slash added, "It's the way that I learned to work a long, long time ago and it's a tried and true way: just do the work before you get in the studio so when you're in the studio it just happens.

"I could never imagine sitting in the studio - I know a lot of bands who do this and some great records have come out this way - where you just go in with a couple of ideas and then it all just happens in the studio, but that's a cr-p shoot and I just don't have the patience for that."

"World on Fire" is due out on September 15 as Slash's third solo studio effort. The axeman has recently shared full details regarding the record, including the mentioned release date, cover artwork and track listing. More info here.
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