Slayer End Rick Rubin Collaboration After Three Decades, Announce Terry Date as New Producer

So basically, the guy that produced most Pantera albums, as well as some Dream Theater, Slipknot, and a whole lot more.

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After posting photographic evidence of studio entrance, thrash gods Slayer have set another record straight via Instagram - the nearly 30-year Rick Rubin collaboration is officially over, and Terry Date is the new producer.

Date's been working with Slayer during the recording of "Implode" single earlier this year, but he has quite a few more renowned production masterpieces under his belt - most Pantera albums, as well as a few efforts from the likes of Slipknot, Deftones, Dream Theater, Soulfly, White Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, Limp Bizkit, Snoop Dogg and a whole lot more.

Apart from that, the fresh pics show drummer Paul Bostaph busy at work, as well as the group's love of Kit-Kats and Snickers bars. Check 'em all out below.

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    losing battle
    Because we all know Kerry Kings fat ass needs a big ass bowl of candy
    i'm kinda just sick of all the kerry king bashing, we all know he can be a prick but who the hell isn't these days, lay off the judgment and give the guy a chance is all i'm sayin
    i bet you wouldn't be sayin that if he conned YOU out of a load of money, then when you realised it and asked for a fair share, kicked you out of your band you'd worked so hard for. no point stickin up for him.
    It's kind of weird. Seeing that pic of the drums and realizing that Dave's not the one playing made me just feel sad. Nothing against the new lineup in general, but I have to say that I have an empty feeling about this.
    Not sure how I feel about it. What is Slayers new sound going to be? Without Jeff, the writing is going to change big time and the tones will be different as well.....cept for Kerry's 00-000-00-11 riffs of course.
    Slayer sucks. Always have. Always will. Despite their producer. But I find this interesting because RHCP are dumping Rubin after 25+ years as well. The guys unwillingness to change from his shitty compressed tin sounding records is catching up to him. He is without a doubt probably the best producer of his time. But his ship has sailed. Hes done for. The only bands that are going to want him are up and coming bands trying to make a name for themselves
    i'm not really sure what to make of this but if the guy who produced far beyond driven is producing the new slayer record, this must be good right?
    I wonder if the change in producer is by Slayer choosing someone else, or if Rubin did not want to work with them. Slayer expressed frustration when Rubin produced Metallica's album instead of theirs, but I wonder if Rubin simply did not want to work with a post-Jeff Slayer.
    I wouldn't. I'm a huge Slayer fan, BUT even their past two albums with Jeff WPD and CI were crap. The last solid album of theirs was God Hates Us All
    Rubin probably didnt want to do it as its not "really" slayer any more. Im a drummer and half of what i love about slayer is Lombardo, expectations are low.
    Kerry King can't even maintain a good relationship with his producer.
    no lombardo, no hanneman then its only slayer cover band, man.
    Yeah, whine whine. "Why can't all bands stay exactly the same from the moment they start till they drop dead?" Go somewhere else and be sad.
    I like Rubins production personally. Funny how quickly the peanut gallery sour on people, remember Seasons and Reign in Blood?
    Dude... those albums are 24 years and 28 years old respectively. That was a reeeeeally long time ago.
    What about those albums? Rick is a great idea man, and sure, he may have been hands on in the earlier days, but how long has it been since he's been anything other than an eccentric dude with an alternative view to thinking about music? You can credit him for making Slayer, or at least for spotting Slayer and being the guy to bring them to a major label, but I would give the engineers of all the albums we worked on with them more credit than I'd give Rick. Rick was also behind the sound on the last Slayer and Metallica albums, but I'd also blame Lars and Kerry for signing off on it, and for Greg Fidelman actually getting that sound. After one or two albums, what do you think Rick Rubin was contributing to Slayer albums? Was he saying, "Hey, why don't you hit the open E a few more times?" or "Hey, maybe this song should be about war?".
    They should have bring this dude Bob Rock, you know... i heard he did a cool album, i think it's name is St Anger or something like that.
    I'm sort of looking forward to this! I don't care much for Slayer, and I know I'm in the minority with this, but I don't give a rat's ass about anything since DIM. Everything has been so "paint by numbers" since then, so I'm hoping that having a new producer, Paul on drums & Gary on leads will give the band a fresh start. No one can deny that Slayer has stagnated quite heavily for the last few records. I don't have a lot of faith, but I hope they put out some evil sounding shit on this next one.
    Funny that they mention Dream Theater when his work on "When Dream and Day Unite" was absolutely abysmal...
    I'm somewhat interested(unlike their later stuff). I hope this album surprises me. Terry Date is awesome. But he can only work with what material he's given...
    Wish the Deftones would follow suit... Just haven't had the same sound since the self-titled album. Terry Date somehow finds a way to bring the best out of the band and capture something unique.
    Rick Rubin has lost his touch so this is probably a good thing, Terry Date has some good albums under his belt