Slayer to Unveil Jeff Hanneman's Unheard Material on New Album

"It's new, it doesn't sound like anything else that we've done," says frontman Tom Araya.

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Slayer frontman Tom Araya recently confirmed that the metal titans are planing to unveil two new tracks by late guitarist Jeff Hanneman on their upcoming new album. As Araya told Loudwire, Jeff's posthumous efforts deliver his signature sound and are previously unreleased. The idea is reportedly to use the archived audio footage and deliver Hanneman's actual playing. "We have two songs," he explained. "I haven't had the privilege of going through his audio files at the moment, but that's something I plan to do. Once we get some business squared away, that's something I plan to do; to go through his music and see what he has. I know that he had several ideas together that he had presented to us in the course of the past year.

"Before he passed away, there was one complete song that he had managed to send to everybody that I listened to and that I thought was really, really good and communicated that to him. There's stuff that I thought would be great to listen to just to see what's there and how we can possibly use what he had done. That's something I have every intention of doing." After explaining that one of the songs was complete during the "World Painted Blood" recording sessions, but didn't make the album, Araya began remembering his late bandmate. "I don't want to use the term 'typical' [laughs] but it's Jeff, it's obvious who put the song together," he said. "It's Jeff music. He created a certain way and he put music together a certain way; it's signature Jeff. It's new, it doesn't sound like anything else that we've done, in my opinion. Jeff usually just wrote songs and a lot of his stuff had certain signature things he would do to songs. That stuff is in there, but I would consider it new." Tom was then asked to comment on the emotions he faced upon listening to Hanneman's new work after his passing. "Listening to that, and this isn't meant in a bad way, but when I listen to it and I'm thinking about him, it's kind of like, 'F--kin' Jeff!' [laughs]. That's what crosses my mind; 'F--kin' Jeff!'"

"Some people wouldn't understand that, but having conversations with Paul [Bostaph] on these past tours that we've done together, I'll look at him, I'll be onstage playing and then it'll hit me. Then I'll be talking to Paul after the show and I'll look at him and sometimes I'll just be like, 'F--kin' Jeff!' and he'll just smile and say, 'Yeah, I know what you mean.' [Laughs] I do that periodically. When I think about him, that's usually the phrase that'll come to my mind." Details regarding Slayer's new, 11th studio record are yet to be unveiled. So far, the band's only confirmed writing new music, stating that new info is to "be revealed in the coming weeks."

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    Mixed feelings about this. Just hope the album is good
    This is awesome! We're getting a new Slayer record AND it'll include Hanneman's last music written for the band. I'm looking forward to this!
    I'm sure no matter how good the songs are people will say it sucks, but if Jeff had been the one who wrote the exact same songs then it would be good.
    I found their last two offerings to be stale as month old bread, so I'm less hopeful. Still gonna check out how the band handles it's shift in members. Some bands haven't done so well after a member dies *cough*A7X*cough*
    Hell YEAH finally REAL freakin' news..I was pro Slayer calling quits but would love hearing Jeff's material....
    "Once we get some business squared away, that's something I plan to do; to go through his music and see what he has" Fuck it, just release it all okay?
    Well, here's the silver lining- There's no way it could be any worse than Lulu right?
    That makes for potentially two good songs on this album. Material without Jeff generally means crap. I just wish that they would end Slayer.
    Oh wow! Someone else on the "Slayer Should Quit Since Jeff Passed" Bandwagon! I'll bet you cared about Jeff a TON while he was alive, huh? And now that Slayer is continuing without him it just makes your life so difficult doesn't it? I'll bet you could write a comparison thesis on Slayer songs written by Jeff and written without Jeff without even using Google or Wikipedia huh? This talk is just so ridiculous. If you weren't a Slayer fan before Hanneman passed away please stop acting like you know what's best for the band and it's fans now. How about this - If you don't like what the band is doing now... listen to someone else! Try it, just for a second.
    Yeah, just so you've known, I've loved Slayer for years now. Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss are two of my favorite albums of all time. Jeff made the band formidable to the other major thrash metal bands. He was the true force of the band. I've never liked Kerry, and I started to see how much the band is without Jeff when I saw them without Jeff (he was hospitalized, not dead yet) at FFF Fest in 2011. Yeah, I probably won't want to listen to Slayer any more after this, but it's nonetheless sad that it would be the end of them for me in this way.
    I've been a fan for a long time too. I remember picking up Seasons on cassette (haha I'm old) the day it came out. I'm just defending one of my favorite bands. I don't usually get caught up in celebrity deaths but Jeff passing was sad. I hope Slayer has another good record or two in them... I always respected them for staying reasonably true to their sound even when a lot of their peers were writing boring radio songs.
    Why should it not be so? For me, Jeff was always the one who writes the good songs in Slayer. He was the creative motor of the band. And that is my opinion now and was it when he was alive. Furthermore, I think I could write a comparison between Hanneman and King songs. The quintessence would be that Hanneman always had a certain groove in his music, King's songs are just sixteenth notes shredding with a lot of awful solos. An example on WPB would be Unit 731 vs. Playing with Dolls. It's not "jumping on the bandwagon" if you say Slayer will not be the same without Jeff. Slayer has lost it's main songwriter. Jeff wrote all the hits: Die by the Sword, Angel of Death, Raining Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, Mandatory Suicide, etc.
    agreed... some of us actually learned early on Kerry King was pretty ****ing overrated...
    Great to hear Jeff's music is still going to be included on the new album. Though I still feel they should call it quits after they finish it and do a tour for said album.
    Probably gonna be the only 2 good songs on the album, sigh...
    That doesn't make any sense. Hanneman was a great thrash guitarist and songwriter but he wasn't the only reason that Slayer is a great band. It's too bad that so many only jump on a bandwagon after someone passes away...
    Funny how they rode on Jeff's talents when he's alive and still doing it and making money off him after he passed away.
    i wouldnt be surprised if they tried to pass off Kings material as Hannemans in the near future just to keep fans aboard... that would be true kerry king right there....
    I love Jeff and the band is nothing without him. But this is just another move to cash in on Jeff's name. Plain and simple. I have lost a lot of respect for Slayer over the last year/year and a half.