Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail'

artist: Slayer date: 01/09/2014 category: new releases
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Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail'
Discussing the upcoming Slayer record, guitarist Kerry King expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and a desire to shut people up with a set of killer fresh tunes.

Chatting with Metal Hammer, King kicked off by confirming "a--loads of songs" for the new release. "I mean, I'm more prepared than I've been before any record, working on this material for of three years," he said. "Me and Paul [Bostaph] have demoed 11 songs. I'm sitting on 14 or 15 songs and I've got seven complete with lyrics already. I'm in great shape!"

Kerry also touched on the matter of fan expectations and the absence of late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Asked if he was tempted to write the kind of songs he thinks Jeff might have contributed, King replied: "I think that would be shooting myself in the foot. I can't pretend to be Jeff. We both learned from each other in 30 years of writing together. As far as going out of my way to write something that Jeff might've done? I won't do that. If it happens to end up sounding that way, good for me!"

Speaking of Hanneman, Kerry once again stressed that he has no intention of using any of late guitarist's posthumous tracks unless they are top-notch. "I've said, and I'll continue to say, that if we use any of Jeff's songs, I don't want it to come out just because Jeff wrote it. I want it to come out because it's awesome," he added (via Blabbermouth). "We've just got to put out something that I think Jeff would be proud of."

Asked directly on whether he's looking forward to "shut people up" with the new album, King commented: "Oh, yeah, but only because people expect us to fail. I'm very stoked about the stuff we're gonna be putting out."

Further focusing on the new material, the guitarist shared an optimistic stance, announcing "a surprising amount of heavy stuff" and "some exceptionally heavy tunes" that will be "all over the map." "Like, 'Wow, man, where did that come from?'" he added.

Do you think Slayer can still deliver high-quality material, even without Jeff Hanneman? Let us know in the comments.
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