Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail'

"I can't pretend to be Jeff Hanneman," the guitarist adds.

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Discussing the upcoming Slayer record, guitarist Kerry King expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and a desire to shut people up with a set of killer fresh tunes.

Chatting with Metal Hammer, King kicked off by confirming "a--loads of songs" for the new release. "I mean, I'm more prepared than I've been before any record, working on this material for of three years," he said. "Me and Paul [Bostaph] have demoed 11 songs. I'm sitting on 14 or 15 songs and I've got seven complete with lyrics already. I'm in great shape!"

Kerry also touched on the matter of fan expectations and the absence of late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Asked if he was tempted to write the kind of songs he thinks Jeff might have contributed, King replied: "I think that would be shooting myself in the foot. I can't pretend to be Jeff. We both learned from each other in 30 years of writing together. As far as going out of my way to write something that Jeff might've done? I won't do that. If it happens to end up sounding that way, good for me!"

Speaking of Hanneman, Kerry once again stressed that he has no intention of using any of late guitarist's posthumous tracks unless they are top-notch. "I've said, and I'll continue to say, that if we use any of Jeff's songs, I don't want it to come out just because Jeff wrote it. I want it to come out because it's awesome," he added (via Blabbermouth). "We've just got to put out something that I think Jeff would be proud of."

Asked directly on whether he's looking forward to "shut people up" with the new album, King commented: "Oh, yeah, but only because people expect us to fail. I'm very stoked about the stuff we're gonna be putting out."

Further focusing on the new material, the guitarist shared an optimistic stance, announcing "a surprising amount of heavy stuff" and "some exceptionally heavy tunes" that will be "all over the map." "Like, 'Wow, man, where did that come from?'" he added.

Do you think Slayer can still deliver high-quality material, even without Jeff Hanneman? Let us know in the comments.

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    Jeff was the good guitar player in Slayer. I'd like nothing more than a good Slayer record but half-Slayer? I'm not so sure. If Kerry wasn't that much of a d-bag I'd give it more of a chance, I takes certain skill to make your band's fans hate you.
    The whole King hate's gone too far if you ask me. We should just let the guy deliver what he has to and than make judgements
    Well the reason I have such low expectations is because Kerry's songwriting abilities pale in comparison to Jeff's. Pretty much all of my favorite songs were written by Jeff, and Kerry's songs are just mediocre, in my opinion. Not to mention his guitar tone is just awful.
    My Last Words
    Further focusing on the new material, the guitarist shared an optimistic stance, announcing "a surprising amount of heavy stuff" and "some exceptionally heavy tunes" that will be "all over the map." *0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0...* "Like, 'Wow, man, where did that come from?'" he added. *...0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1...*
    Yeah, there's truth to that, I guess I just don't like people bandwagoning for the King hate thing
    Yeah. I just have little to no expectations for this record because Kerry's taken a more significant role in the songwriting process. And to me, the quality of their music has suffered because of it.
    "We've just got to put out something that I think Jeff would be proud of." More power to him, I say.
    I'd love it to be good, but I just expect an album full of songs that sound like the worst ones from God Hates Us All.
    No, we don't, you utter bellend. We expect the polar opposite of failure from a Slayer album, but it's hard to have any faith when the only guitarist taking care of the writing/recording process can do nothing but binary riffs and whammy-bar wank nowadays. You better surprise me, ****. Have a good day, knob.
    So basically...since it's hard to have any faith, you're expecting failure.
    Slayer will deliver, Kerry King wouldn't do it if he had any doubts. He seems to be really pushing this upcoming album which I guess is a good sign. All the best to Slayer, I hope they can release some kick-ass material!
    I understand that it's cool to hate on Slayer (and Kerry King in particular right now) but I'm looking forward to the next record. I've been a fan since about 1988 and they'd have to put out at least a few albums like "Diabolus in Musica" before I'd give up on them. That's right kiddies... an attention span of more than 5 seconds, loyalty and respect for artists who've had long and successful careers, not jumping on every bandwagon that comes my way... I must be old or something.
    As much as people hate him right now, gotta give him credit for his pragmatic approach. He is doing what he thinks is best for the future of Slayer. If he was 'pussy-ing' out, I doubt there would be any Slayer left right now. I personally give him props for his SDMF attitude.
    slayer are the nickelback of heavy metal...
    At least there is finally some positive words coming from the Slayer camp, it has seemed like a pretty miserable place for a while now.
    The only thing I EXPECT from Slayer, is that I will have beer spilled on me at their next show
    every ****ing Slayer show I either get beer spilled on me or get my beer spilled on someone else
    I only expect Slayer to fail because I haven't liked anything they've done in almost 25 years. Their criteria for failing should be if they like it or not, and if they do, great. More power to them. I have no personal stake in this besides whether or not I ultimately like the album. I just don't get looking to bands like Slayer for a good album in 2014. Is metal that stagnant or are people just set in their listening ways? They could never put out an album again, and Hell Awaits would still be there to kick your ass in. Every new Slayer album is just business.
    Everyone really needs to get the personal opinion bout Kerry out this and just see what happens. Let the music speak for itself. If it tanks it tanks. If it Slays it Slays. I am a huge supporter of Slayer, and watching this "decline" if you will, blows, Kerry is Kerry everyone knows that, get over it. I just hope Tom / Kerry and Paul put out a solid Slayer album and the legacy is somewhat maintained.
    allright eyes,here's the plan:don't tell the ears that the logo on the album cover says "SLAYER".
    metallica minus the ability to write songs and melodies plus crappy sound = slayer
    It would be cool if Kerry did actually put out like a sick record in tribute of Jeff, maybe did an album tour and then disbanded Slayer. You know, go out on a high note and earn the fans respect back a bit.
    losing battle
    It's a slayer albulm with paul, I'll pass. Kerry should stop being a douche and get Lombardo back.
    Probably not gonna happen, burger king fired Dave (lombardo) cause Dave raised a red flag in the economy + didnt sign a new contract just to get paid for the tourning in 2012.
    I am just beginner at guitar, so i can't say he is bad guitarist, or songwriter because simply i am not approved to. He is just douche, because of the selfish things he says.
    I don't really feel that Kerry King is that much of a bellend anymore. The band is carrying on, working on new stuff and nothing that anyone says will change that. He has a fair point about only using Jeff's material if it's good enough. I'm sure Jeff would have had lots of unused ideas over the years he was in Slayer that were never used because they weren't good enough.
    Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail' Wrong, people expect you to fail. (i hope it wont fail.)
    Warners released Seventh Star as Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi , against his wishes . I expect the next album to be released as Slayer featuring Kerry King , at Kerry's behest . A man up his own arse or what ?
    Surely if he was that up his own arse he'd just try to release it as a solo album. xD
    If the next album is as good as Seventh Star Kerry King would take it!
    Regardless of how this album turns out, everyone's going to be listening to it, just because of the immense coverage King's been getting the last year. I honestly dont believe it's going to be good. I just can't see King putting out anything of musical value, and it sure as hell feels like he's the only one with the rights to contribute on the album.
    How complicated could be for Slayer musicians to mimic what they've done their whole carrers? Except for a more distinct song here and there, and 5 or 6 classics, it's pretty much the same thing over and over again.
    It'll be alright. I mean World Painted Blood wasn't exactly a masterpiece was it. Kerry is a good rhythm guitar player (fret wankery aside) using his heavy riffs and Tom's voice, run some double bass and it'll rock like Slayer. Jeff's dead, no one can bring him back. But this album would have been made regardless. As true Slayer fans, none of us really want him to fail. Slayer fell apart like families do. You still have 2 very key elements of what once was one of if not the best PURE thrash bands on Earth. It'll be ok. It just won't be Reign. So either support your boys or leave them alone.
    "Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail' " And you succeeded in every way with the last 15 years of releases.
    The last 15 years? I strongly disagree. "Diabolus in Musica" was the only arguably weak album they've released in their entire career and even that one has it's moments.
    Not really 15, God Hates Us All had at least a handful of great songs, but yeah I see your point
    I wouldn't say fail, as they kind of pioneered the genre, but it's been pretty much indeed the same thing over and over again.
    Do not disappoint Kerry. Slayer has always been the epitome of thrash metal (for me) and it had better stay that way. Otherwise, I'd rather see the band split up.
    I think they will be able to deliver the same material they ever did. Slayer has some awesome songs, but it's nothing epic (or too complicated to write) except for 5 or 6 classics.