Slipknot Aiming at a Big 2014 Return: 'We're Coming Back Full Force'

artist: Slipknot date: 05/08/2013 category: new releases
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Slipknot Aiming at a Big 2014 Return: 'We're Coming Back Full Force'
Ever since the passing of bassist Paul Gray, Iowa metallers Slipknot have been keeping a low profile, sticking mostly to occasional touring. But that just might change, as the percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan has expressed his hope for a large-scale Slipknot comeback in 2014. According to percussionist, the group is planning a full-power return sometime during next year, adding that it's been a long time since he felt as excited as he is now. "Slipknot 2014. You can smell it in the air and people can feel it. The energy is out there and you can feel it. People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning," Crahan told Loudwire on the Revolver Golden Gods Black Carpet. "You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the 'Knot is, who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere." "We're coming back full force and I haven't been so excited for a very long time," the Clown said. "I mean, we just got off a tour last summer and it's only been eight months, but I feel like we've got six shows this summer and then after that, everyone is just going to chill a little bit. It's on. It feels f--king good." The percussionist finally gave a brief conclusion regarding the other Slipknot members' side projects and the way they will affect the comeback. "Hey, everybody in the band's got their thing man. I won't tell you who, where, why, what, when, but 2014 [is Slipknot]." Back in February, frontman Corey Taylor described the band's new release as being two years away, so the two musicians' plans might match after all. "Essentially, I want to start looking at putting demos together for Slipknot fall of 2014, to go in the studio in 2015 and start making an album," the singer said. "So it's gonna be a while." The latest Slipknot release, "All Hope Is Gone," saw its release aback in August 2008 via Roadrunner Records. With almost 240,000 units shipped within the first week, it became the group's first record to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
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