Slipknot Aiming at a Big 2014 Return: 'We're Coming Back Full Force'

"Slipknot 2014. You can smell it in the air," says percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan.

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Ever since the passing of bassist Paul Gray, Iowa metallers Slipknot have been keeping a low profile, sticking mostly to occasional touring. But that just might change, as the percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan has expressed his hope for a large-scale Slipknot comeback in 2014.

According to percussionist, the group is planning a full-power return sometime during next year, adding that it's been a long time since he felt as excited as he is now.

"Slipknot 2014. You can smell it in the air and people can feel it. The energy is out there and you can feel it. People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning," Crahan told Loudwire on the Revolver Golden Gods Black Carpet. "You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the 'Knot is, who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere."

"We're coming back full force and I haven't been so excited for a very long time," the Clown said. "I mean, we just got off a tour last summer and it's only been eight months, but I feel like we've got six shows this summer and then after that, everyone is just going to chill a little bit. It's on. It feels f--king good."

The percussionist finally gave a brief conclusion regarding the other Slipknot members' side projects and the way they will affect the comeback.

"Hey, everybody in the band's got their thing man. I won't tell you who, where, why, what, when, but 2014 [is Slipknot]."

Back in February, frontman Corey Taylor described the band's new release as being two years away, so the two musicians' plans might match after all.

"Essentially, I want to start looking at putting demos together for Slipknot fall of 2014, to go in the studio in 2015 and start making an album," the singer said. "So it's gonna be a while."

The latest Slipknot release, "All Hope Is Gone," saw its release aback in August 2008 via Roadrunner Records. With almost 240,000 units shipped within the first week, it became the group's first record to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

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    Good on them, they've had a good career and it's good to see that they've recovered and are ready to smash it in 2014.
    unfortunately Corey Taylor plans on touring House of Gold and Bones even more. He mentioned playing two nights each city pt's 1 and 2 of the albums in their entirety. Not to mention a movie as well. I can't see how he could fit a 'full comeback' for Slipknot. I wish these guys would just stick to giving unified press releases instead of constantly contradicting each other.
    At least they've finally agreed that they're coming back... it was annoying how one of them would say one thing, then it would be denied.
    It is odd to me that it's always Clown making announcements, too. I mean, no offense, but he doesn't exactly contribute a ton to the band... or am I wrong?
    Musically I doubt it, but I believe he does a lot of stuff in terms of art and video direction, publicity and whatnot
    I feel like this is the same kind of thing as a classical symphony where, say, the piccolo gets used once for a few bars here and there. It's not all over the place, but when it is used, it adds rather than detracts to the piece. This is such a common complaint for Slipknot detractors that I actually have to ask: how would you feel if they simply decided to load every song with tons of snare hits? If it were done in excess, I could find it getting very annoying very quickly.
    matteo cubano
    I'm curious about this, but that's it, afterall, any other true fans are familiar with that video and campaign "something monstrous is coming 2013", so until I hear Corey is laying vocal tracks for an album, I'm not getting my heart set on anything.
    Slipknot talking about new material. Now all we need is Courtney Love doing something outrageous and Dave Mustaine saying something stupid and we'll have fulfilled the UG News Checklist.
    you forgot Mike Portnoy starting a new band, Metallica really enjoying their new material but putting the release back another year, and-- this just in: Dave Grohl is still awesome!
    I'm glad they've taken time to let things settle down after paul gray's death. its left us all wondering whats up there sleeve and knowing they'll create some more awesome music!
    It's really good they took some time. Otherwise they might just have ended up like a7x... they did their crappiest album to date because it was all just whining about missing the rev.
    Hey, Metallica wrote "...And Justice For All" soon after Cliff's death, and it helped fuel the aggression and dark lyrical tones on that album. The album was amazing, even if it was produced terribly.
    One of my favourite local folk-prog bands, CANO, had one member commit suicide, and they put out their best album after it. Then, when their violinist died, they reformed to put out yet another decent album. It really depends on the band. Avenged Sevenfold were never really that special of a band, and always kind of had that whiny sound. It doesn't really surprise me. Slipknot is a much more aggressive band, lyrically and musically, and I'm sure that attitude will be reflected here.
    There was one song on the album that was written about The Rev, most of the songs were already written, just the album was dedicated to his memory.
    Josh Reubenking
    Avenged Sevenfold were greiving the loss of a friend, brother, and bandmate through that album. Show some ****ing respect.
    Corey and one or two of the guys from Slipknot totally hate each other so I think that has a ton to do with it. I seen a interview on YouTube where Corey said he seen another member in Walmart and they totally avoided each other. Plus as much as I love Corey I think he's gotten quite a ego in the last few years. Not saying I blame him, he's touted as one of the best frontmen out there. And the whole bass player thing is really odd. I mean I can understand the first tour after Paul's death but man let the dude play onstage. They treat him like the retarded brother locked in a cage in the basement. That said I'm sure he's being well paid. And I'm ready for some new Knot so get this shit rolling!!!!
    Singers have ego's, it's just a fact of life. Corey self admits it, and one of his nicknames is "The great big Mouth".
    Bring it on, Slipknot live is great for losing your shit, and just having an awesome time!
    Hell yes. Corey's vocals are pretty great these days. Can't wait to see what twisted shit they come up with.
    Corey Taylor did an AMA on reddit a few weeks back, and he said multiple times in it that Slipknot will be recording in 2014.
    I'm just hoping they find someone new to play bass (give him his own number... Not Paul's) and put the guy on stage. I don't know HOW someone is supposed to get into the music standing behind the curtain. ADD a member....not replace.
    Damaged Roses
    Or they could just give the bass duties to another guy in the band, they have enoguh members already, if not many.
    Please dont make another slipsour album.. I liked all hope is gone, but it just didnt have the "feel" to it.. Iowa was the ****ing shit.
    As happy as I am to hear they will be back, I cant help but think they will ever be in "Full force" without Paul.
    I think Corey is the deciding factor here. If my memory serves me correctly (and, often times, it doesn't), I think he was the main one saying "We can't make another album. Not now. Maybe never." Either way I look forward to a possible return of one of my favorite bands
    Hopefully they'll release a new album, and with more experimental elements than All Hope Is Gone.
    Honestly after House of Gold and Bones, I really don't care if Slipknot ever comes back. Those albums were way better than anything I've heard from Knot.
    "We've got SIX shows then we're taking time off, this is so ****ing intense!"
    m4ss3 m/
    I hope they will release a new album. I wouldn't mind seeing them live again, but I really want to hear some new music from them.
    Don't Taze Me B
    I can't believe it took this long. I think most of the reason is because Corey was being a bitch about everything and wanting to devote too much time to his own solo things and Stone Sour. I know Mick was ready to do a new album in 2011. Hopefully Corey will come around so the can make some new music now, like I said, he seemed to be the monkey wrench in the gears holding this up from happening sooner. It'll also be interesting to see how their sound evolves without Paul - see just how much he put into their sound.
    Didn't read years before Paul passed, that if any one of them were to "Go", then the band would cease indefinitely?
    Long time coming. Hope they make a new album All Hope is Gone was sick