Slipknot Drop New Album Hints at Download Festival

Meanwhile, Slipknot's Clown says "I don't give a f--k about playing for the fans" - controversial, or brotherly love for his bandmate? Let us know what you think here.

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Slipknot have dropped some big hints that they really will release a new album, despite concerns that they'll never record another LP without late bassist Paul Gray.

Their last studio album was "All Hope Is Gone" in 2008. Gray died shortly after, putting the band's future plans at a standstill.

During their performance at the Download Festival in the UK at the weekend, frontman Corey Taylor said: "Don't be surprised if you see us again real soon," and promised fans can "look forward to special f--king things in the future," according to NME.

Speaking about their late bassist during the show, Taylor said: "We were last on this stage four years ago. This band has been through a lot in those four years. Because of the respect for each other, we've kept going, we've kept going for us, we've kept going for you and we've kept going for him [Gray]."

The crowd broke the barricade twice during their Download set, forcing the band to stop their performance each time.

Backstage, Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan shared a controversial view about performing live. "I don't give a f--k about playing for the fans, myself the stage any of it," he told Kerrang in the interview below. "All I care about is playing with my brothers. I hear the f--king guitar, I hear the drum fills, I hear the vocals... I'm f--king happy. This is what I signed up for."

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    Crahan can be a bit of a dick it seems, but cool.
    I wouldn't take it personally; he's just a clown.
    Crahan is an odd guy, and I mean that with the utmost respect. He's a really artistic guy. He's brutally honest as well. He seems like he's so private about stuff that when some ask a personal question that he wants to answer, you are gonna get the whole brutal honest truth. He reminds me of those people that have so much going on in their head that there's no room for tact. He's a bit different.
    If you watch the entire video you can see his comments are taken out of context.
    Thank you! UG are notorious for this. They do it just to get people stirred up. And I respect that point of view completely. I wouldn't be that way if I was lucky enough to have what they have either.
    Shawn's always been consistent with that, though. Since the first album, they came out saying they don't give a **** if people like their music or not because they do it for themselves. I'm happy they still follow that.
    On the other hand, if people *do* like them, that means they can *keep* doing it. You need money to keep touring. So in a way, he's thanking the fans even when he says stuff like that.
    Clown's statement essentially means that he's doing what he does for the music. Isn't that what we all want our favorite bands to do?
    "I couldn't give a **** about the fans." Sounds a bit disrespectful if you ask me... You'd be nothing without us, And you wouldn't be playing on stage for 'Yourself' either.
    You're taking that a bit out of context though. He said he doesn't give a **** about PLAYING FOR the fans. Which I take to mean he would not get on stage if he wasn't enjoying himself. Which seems fair enough. He can still respect and appreciate the fans, while wholly playing for his own enjoyment.
    Mike Patton said it best "You're perfect yes its true, but without me you're only you!" On a side note, yeah its just usual UG grabbin readers with partial information
    He just worded it sort of dickish, he only means they play music for themselves and not for anyone else.
    I saw them on Friday and it was insanely brutal. I'm also pretty sure that Corey said that they were bringing us a new album next year, while on stage...
    All that fat bastard does is bang on trash cans. The fans put your no talent having ass on the stage. STFU
    I would think it more disrespectful to fans if he were playing something not true to his heart for the sake of the fans. Love or hate them, there's actual soul in some of their music, and that's a hell of a lot more meaningful than genre lines.
    Slipknot articles can be paraphrased as such: Band member either confirms or denies recording, then says "I miss Paul". This "WE'RE SO METAL WE'LL DESTROY YOU" attitude they have is always contradicted when they get all emo about recording without Paul Gray.
    Just because they are metal doesn't mean they're aren't human you dolt. HE DIED! what is "emo" about natural human grief over a lost friend ?
    mushroomhead>slipknot.....there i said it! let the war begin AGAIN! Cleveland represent baby!
    U dont report that when the barrier broke corey went out of his way to stop everything so they could fix it and that know one got hurt!
    Best set ever! I was there in 2009 at their first Headline set at Download, and it was my 4th time seeing them on Friday. Absolute carnage, an incredible set. Much love and respect to all of them. RIP Paul
    All the ****ing emos are on here, live show was amazing they are awesome but they ain't your brothers. Enjoy their shit and don't lose yours over it.
    Is there a quota for how many "Slipknot will/will not release a new album" articles Ultimate-Guitar needs to have each week? Until it happens, stop talking about it...
    Well clown, if it wasn't for us our be nothing... So fuk you! PS: you're also the most useless member in slipknot
    133 I think you will find is the most useless. Useless instrument that you cannot hear and purposely has no stage presence. Joey is the real douche also lol in my opinion anyways, still I love Slipknot, saw them back in 08 on the 10th anniversery tour of the 1st album. the barricade was also torn off then aswell. doubt they'll ever come back to sheffield. sad face
    Lol just look at all the related articles. Kinda funny and sad at the same time