Slipknot Enter Studio, Jim Root Posts Photo Evidence

Writing sessions seemingly headed as planned, details inside.

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Guitarist Jim Root of Slipknot and Stone Sour recently posted a photo to confirm the band's studio entrance for the new album's writing sessions.

Featuring a heavily tattooed arm holding a Fender guitar by a mixing board, the Instagram shot makes a clear announcement that the fresh stuff is cooking up, along with a note "Sig love on the API" and #fenderguitar #work #thecoffeesucks and #slipknot2014 hashtags.

As reported, singer Corey Taylor's announced back in November that the Knot will kick off album recording sometime during summer, so it would seem that everything is heading along as planned. As for Root, the guitarist is sitting out Stone Sour's winter tour to focus on the new Slipknot record.

When it comes to the split with drummer Joey Jordison, no new info has been announced as of yet. In the latest announcement, the drummer noted that he "didn't quit Slipknot," insisting he would "never abandon it" and therefore hinting at the fact that he was fired. However, no official statements can be made on either side due to legal reasons.

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    I am not a huge Slipknot fan, but I really like Corey Taylor and Stone Sour so I'll be looking forward to this to hear if they have any new ideas. Corey has really matured as a songwriter and could potentially release a really good Slipknot album.
    I wasn't a huge slipknot fan until I saw them live. Totally changed my opinion of them. I got 3 albums after that, and can't wait to hear the new one.
    I wasn't super into them until I saw them live too. They were incredible and they followed Slayer, Motorhead and Anthrax too. Then I also got all 4 albums and became a big fan. I don't think people can really trash a band if they havent seen them live.
    - There's four Albums, though one of them disappoints almost every fan in one way or another, whether its 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th... So if you're happy with all three, I'd stay away from the one you're missing.
    I love slipknot, but the album "Slipknot" is pure shit. In My opinion Slipknot didn't become good until Corey Taylor joined. Between his song writing skills and his godly voice it brought the sound slipknot needs
    Actually, Corey joined Slipknot before the self-titled album came out, and he did sing on the album as well.
    I found that All Hope Is Gone sounded an awful lot like Stone Sour, for the most part. So, I think Corey and Jim are both finding their personal sonic middle grounds, and throwing all of themselves at both outlets. Which works for me.
    I feel like that kinda defeats the purpose of having two bands though
    matteo cubano
    there's a lot of similar riffage and melodic choruses but other than that they are very different sonically in my opinion. there are a couple exceptions, snuff being the most prevalent, i could see vendetta or sulfur too. but things like gematria, gehenna, all hope is gone, those are not stone sour tunes.
    Jacques Nel
    It's really a shame that Joey left. I know there are drummers that can match his skill, but his way of writing can't be replaced. The drumming on SlipKnot songs have always been very prominent and added greatly to the signature SlipKnot sound. Wish them all of the best for the new album though, hope that it can live up to expectations. EDIT: Sorry, forgot Joey didn't technically leave, was "asked to leave"
    Well the drum section is what makes Slipknot different. I remember a critic saying it's just drums, all noise, when they were new to the scene. A new Slipknot album, for me, just isn't right without Joey. He's been there for 18 years, been there since the beginning. I'm not saying that I'm close minded to any other drummer (Krimh sounded awesome in the audition videos), but it's a shame whenever a founding member leaves, especially when they've been in the band for nearly 2 decades. RIP Gray.
    Jacques Nel
    Another example, I'm a big fan of the band SOiL, and when Ryan McCombs left them, they sounded like a completely other band because his voice was such a signature sound to the band. Joey's drumming was so profound. You recognized a SlipKnot song by his drumming. But let's see what happens, maybe we are pleasantly surprised.
    ".....along with a note "Sig love on the API" and #fenderguitar #work #thecoffeesucks and #slipknot2014 hashtags." Anybody have a f**king robot to decode that for me? What an aweful means of communication. I can't imagine what 10 more years of so called "social" media will bring us.
    I think it means "Jim Root Signature Fender Guitar on the API mixing console" etc...
    Finally, some sold evidence to show that a Slipknot album is coming. Since it's going to be apparently inspired by Iowa and Sublimnal Verses, this should be a good album, if they keep to their word
    Having Joey out of the band doesn't effect me in the slightest. It's always been about the lyrics and how the music makes me feel.
    how 'bout that: send the clown on the f*ing drums, give chris a bass and make a huge concert, the last two standing in the crowd become the new percussionists
    Great news, but it's going to be a different experience without the original nine. Even before Joey was out it was going to be a totally different Slipknot without Paul Gray. That isn't to say, by any means, that it's going to be bad. Just very different. Either way, I can't wait. Slipknot is a personal favorite of mine.
    Have a hunch on a replacement drummer for Joey..... Dave lombardo.... now that would kick ass and he definitely has the skill
    This is just a hunch, but I have a feeling that Jordison didn't want to record another Slipknot studio album without Paul Gray. The others wanted to record again but Jordison wasn't comfortable with it so he couldn't be part of it, despite him not wanting to leave.
    That's the best theory I've heard. I'll have to agree on that. Joey hasn't really said anything about being ready to record again since Paul passed so it makes total sense.
    Actually he once said that he has plenty of material ready for Slipknot, something along those lines. Maybe the whole thing's about conflicting schedules with Scat the Martyr or something
    agreed. If I remember correctly he as actually impatient about getting Slipknot rolling, and even said that they'd move on without corey if they had to
    I do like Slipknot, but you know they've gone downhill already when they've got to post PHOTO EVIDENCE that they've actually been in a studio again. I can't wait for some new material but so far all we've had for the past several years are assurances that they're still going strong and nothing more.
    And why exactly is a studio photo the proof of one's downfall?
    It's not really a downfall, sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I just get sick of all these updates with nothing to show for it. I wanna hear an album; Not consistently be told how well said album is doing. This time there's a photo so at least there's proof they stepped foot in a studio this time!
    Yeah I get that, the web's overloaded with tiny and not so relevant updates, but that's just how it goes these days