Slipknot Rocking It Hard in New Single 'The Devil in I'

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Slipknot have officially unveiled "The Devil in I," the lead single off their upcoming yet-untitled new album.

As singer Corey Taylor explained, although the song is the second tune the band has unveiled to announce the fresh effort, it marks the new album's official lead single.

Focusing on the track, it features a series of dynamic changes, going from slow dark parts to full-on rocking. Give it a spin or two below.

Prior to the lead single, Slipknot have unveiled "The Negative One" as the first new track in six years. More info here.

As reported, the band had also recored a video for the song, which will likely be released in the near future. When it comes to the full album, the first 'Knot studio effort since 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" is tentatively due this fall.

A string of rumors claiming that Lamb of God's Chris Adler is the group's new drummer recently struck the web, but Adler made sure to shoot every story down, ultimately stressing that he was definitely not involved with Slipknot.

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    The line between Slipknot and Stone Sour is getting thinner and thinner
    Even if Stone Sour released this song, I don't think I would have been particularly impressed. Nothing stood out or got stuck in my head at all.
    Haha, I thought exactly the same thing when I first heard vol 3 the subliminal verses, but all hope is gone won me back. To me this doesnt sound very much like stonesour apart from chorus vocals.
    Unfortunately, over half the song is chorus vocals, (another StoneSour thing). I thought that Negative one was them saying "Look, we're brutal and aggressive again", but apparently not. He's still got a good voice, but the clean, smooth, melancholy vocals just don't fit the character of the band, or work with the industrial percussion style.
    I'd say it's more Skin Ticket (the song if you didn't know by Slipknot) than Stone Sour. And for those who think that this song sucks because it sounds too much like Stone Sour, listen to Slipknot's debut and Iowa albums, there is singing in that and the songs are just as heavy.
    Decent song, but the production... that flapping kick drum sounds just ridiculous.
    This. I miss that good ol' THUMP! , that was also absent from 'The Negative One'.
    I could barely tell the snare from the bass drum. Its called a BASS drum for a reason!
    I doubt very much that a drum was even involved in recording the drums. Sounds like EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer to me.
    This. I miss that good ol' THUMP! , that was also absent from 'The Negative One'.
    I'm really digging the 2 new songs. Minus the flappy bass drum in this one though, I love it; especially how the mood changes a lot. Also, to all you bashing it? If a band doesn't evolve and experiment, there is no progress to be made. Who wants to keep listening to the same thing over and over again? Get over it, it's 2014; not 1999
    Preach! Lots of lemmings running off the same cliff. Regardless whichever band releases their new album. Everyone just HAS to say something...
    Hey, the band themselves were the ones comparing this new album to Iowa for goodness sake. It seems they're also the ones who want to re-create their old sound to an extent. I don't blame people for bashing it as dull though, it builds up just to drop back down again in the first minute and never really goes further than that
    oh sh*t! first there were talks about 'the negative one' being written about Joey. Next track released is The devil in "I" (roman numeral for #1)... the devil in #1? conspiracy on
    I enjoyed The Negative One a lot, it was very focused and intense, but this is... unimpressive.
    Really simple but effective... Not too keen on the blast beat drumming section but all in all it kicks ass!
    As a die-hard Slipknot fan, I was extremely disappointed in this song. I personally don't feel like this is strong enough to be their "first official single". I'll wait to judge until the album comes out, but the bar was set high after I heard The Negative One. Having this song followup with it was pretty weak. It sounds like a "filler" track on the album.
    The negative one would have been way better if that was the first single insted of this,....I agree, this aint strong enuf
    So they basically took a bad All Hope is Gone song and mixed it with a melody that wasn't good enough for Stone Sour..very f*cking disappointed.
    I'm all for evolution. Even respected and liked All Hope Is Gone. But seriously, could 2 members leaving the band make Slipknot so boring? And to think The Negative One really made me feel optimistic....
    As a huge Slipknot fan (t-shirts, tattoo etc.) I'm very sad about Paul and Joey. But I love the new Slipknot. This album will definitely be interesting. Can't wait for it.
    Eh. I really feel indifferent about this one. Even when I didn't like their previous stuff, I didn't like it definitively. This one just sort of lays there. To me, at least.