Slipknot Tease New Album With Unsettling Photos and Videos

Album tentatively due by the end of 2014, check out fresh promo material inside.

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Slipknot's official website is no longer pitch-black, as metal veterans have unveiled a fresh set of promotional material for the upcoming new album.

Tentatively due by the end of the year via Roadrunner, the record was announced with creepy video snippets on the web site.

Fast-hitting and sliced up into many pieces, it was initially difficult to get the clips sorted out, but one fan has ultimately attached all the parts together, presenting an unsettling video of a young woman hiding her face in the dark, just to switch to a white dress scene and end the clip with a bleeding mouth close-up.

The video is accompanied with what might be some fresh 'Knot music, starting off with eerie percussive sounds and developing into a guitar lick. Check out the full video and the band's latests social network posts below.

As for the album's sound, it was previously described by vocalist Corey Taylor as a "cross between 'Iowa' and 'Vol. 3.'" Furthermore, the singer has recently also confirmed that the record is "98 percent done." Stay tuned for fresh updates. #slipknot

— Slipknot (@slipknot) July 15, 2014

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    It just has that Tattered & Torn/Scissors/The Virus of Life feel to it. That is the main thing I love about Slipknot. That eerie, unsettling feel of anguish mixed with serial killer presence kind of emotion, Holy damn, I hope they'll have some messed up songs!
    it be cool if they have another 15 minute title track like on Iowa, hauntingly emotional and raw.
    That "blood" coming out of that chicks mouth looks like Campbell's tomato soup
    Who is recording the drums?
    matteo cubano
    Maybe they won't have drums and just percussion and work all the riffs and other music around that
    I know it's only a couple of seconds worth of stuff (and no music being played), but it looks sic Can't wait for it.
    While I love All Hope Is Gone and truly think it is one of the best metal albums ever, I do miss the visceral and psychotic energy from Vol, 3 and Iowa. Virus of Life and Skin Ticket are two of my favorite songs (I have several favorites but those are treasures in my opinion). I really hope they have more of that vibe to this album
    Can't agree with this more. I love Slipknot and just about everything they've done, and I include MFKR when I say that. There is just something though about those "off" songs on every album that made me love them more. Skin Ticket, Scissors, Iowa (the track), and especially Danger Keep Away. Would love to see a track or two like those as well.
    the teasers are making this album look really dark and scary, as if they have went back to being nutters haha! so pumped for this.
    You guys are rather late with this. Not trying to be a prick, but other music sites were posting about this two-ish days ago.
    MaxLees666 · Jul 16, 2014 09:13 AM
    If you want news on time go to the prp. This is a tab site with news and tutorials. Not a news site with tabs.
    "metal veterans"
    I'm so sorry that someone called a band who isn't Metallica or Slayer "metal veterans". I mean, they've only been doing this for 20 years, have 3 platinum albums, 1 double platinum album, and one of the largest fan basses in metal. What are your credentials for the term then?
    I have a few "fan basses" too. They are useful when it the weather is warm. Nothing like playing a good groove and feeling cool at the same time Oh silly me, I thought you were talking 'bout basses with fans on them, you obviously meant basses from fans of yours... Yeah I don't have any of those. :/
    had you stopped at the first paragraph it would've been funny...explaining jokes typically ruins them
    I really hope this album has another disturbing ending track. "Slipknot" had Scissors" "IOWA" had "Iowa" Vol. 3 had "Danger Keep Away" but that was week. And AHIG didn't have one. Really looking forward to the Iowa feel!