Slipknot to Enter Studio in January, Clown Confirms: 'I'm Writing the Best Music of My Life'

"You'll be getting a lot of goodies," says Shawn Crahan.

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Shawn "Clown" Crahan of Slipknot unveiled new details regarding the band's massively anticipated studio entrance, further pinpointing the date and expressing a positive attitude. "Went out on the lake today for awhile to try to get some negativity out of the brain," Clown casually kicked off via Facebook. "All these birds were flying off the water over my head. So peaceful and beautiful." The percussionist then steadily reached the topic of music, pumping up the fans' expectations. "The new mask is coming out killer for all those who are getting one," he noted. "You'll be getting a lot of goodies. I'm writing the best music of my life. I can't wait to put it up on my page just so all of you can see who else I am, but as usual only if you care." After confirming that the new website is scheduled for launch in the near future and sharing his excitement over upcoming shows in South America and Mexico City, Crahan finally discussed studio plans. "We'll get settled in to a studio sometime in January or so and starting cutting out the pain," he said. "I got an artist studio where there will be lots if photo stuff but also a very cool recording studio. I'm going through all my stuff and getting rid of some serious stuff. Check my site to see. I have to write, record and play live with new art all around us. End of story. Amen" Following drummer Joey Jordison's uncertainty over Slipknot's 2014 comeback plans, Clown's announcement dropped as just the kind of info fans were yearning to hear.

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    I'm glad he's been writing the best banging-on-trashcan parts of his life... Does Clown actually write music?
    This is the news everyone wants to hear, but you know for a fact in a few days there will be another article about Joey or Corey denying all knowledge of a timescale for the new 'knot album. They're always contradicting one another.
    "I'm writing the best music of my life"- Coming from the guy who's main role in Slipknot is to hit beer kegs at random and break equipment on stage.
    m4ss3 m/
    I'm not going to get excited before we have an actual release date or they at least really enter the studio.
    Not these annoying articles again. (I mean the "new album soon" articles, can't wait for the actual album).
    It's a non article. Too many of these are thrown together. Barely a line of 'news' buffered with some filler. Not even worth the read tbh
    So, did anyone else notice he never used the word Slipknot at all? He makes music on his own as well. People might be jumping the gun on this one.
    Or going to start a side project, like Jordison. Either way, they say that there will be a Slipknot album so hopefully it will all work out... and soon.
    This is good stuff. I know there have been contradictions lately but sounds like stuff is getting more serious. Can't wait for new material!
    So they're going to try and make an album that doesn't sound like shit for a change?
    I don't listen to Slipknot but whenever someone says things like they re making the best music of their life it makes me want to check it out.
    Yeah... when people say that, it tends to be the opposite. I'm hoping it's going to be good. If he makes music as good as directing music videos (MIW's A-M-E-R-I-C-A vid), this should be great.
    "whenever someone says things like they re making the best music of their life it makes me want to check it out".... really? Who doesn't say that? Can't mind the last band working on an album that came out and said you know what, this is a bit crap by our standard. You must listen to a lot of hyped stuff then get disappointed.
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