Slipknot to Release '.5: The Gray Chapter' in October

That makes the fifth album being entirely dedicated to the late bassist.

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According to iTunes, Slipknot's fifth album will be titled ".5: The Gray Chapter" and will be made available on October 21 via Roadrunner. The CD will include 14 songs, plus two bonus tracks for the deluxe edition.

"The Devil in I," the official first single from the album, was released last week. As Blabbermouth notes, the disc follows up 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" and is the band's first without founding bassist Paul Gray, who died in 2010, and drummer Joey Jordison, who was let go late last year.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show," Slipknot singer Corey Taylor described "The Devil in I" as "completely different" from the song "The Negative One," which was released on August 1 via the band's official web site. "It's more melodic, but it's dark, [and] it's powerful, man," Taylor said about "The Devil in I." "It's something different. People are gonna lose their minds when they hear that."

".5: The Gray Chapter" track listing:

01. XIX
02. Sarcastrophe
03. Aov
04. The Devil In I
05. Killpop
06. Skeptic
07. Lech
08. Goodbye
09. Nomadic
10. The One That Kills The Least
11. Custer
12. Be Prepared For Hell
13. The Negative One
14. If Rain Is What You Want15. Override (bonus track)16. The Burden (bonus track)

You can see the cover artwork below.

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    can't wait to see the whole thing.Its seems like this is gonna be great album.
    I'm fascinated how your first of these two identical comments (a mistake, I'm sure) has -4 as I type this, and the second one has +4
    Can't wait to get deluxe edition on my hands! And it's damn good news that album has that many songs! But I don't know what to think about cover art. I hope it's some lady not Sid Wilson haha
    I don't dig Corey's singing voice too much. I like his screams, but idk... the new song they released sounds so much like Stone Sour. Rough.
    The Negative One was pretty good. I'll have to listen to The Devil in I a few more times but I wasn't a fan of it on the first listen. Looking forward to the new album nonetheless. Cover art strikes me as odd and not in a good Slipknot way.
    New song sucks.
    I can honestly say I've never been a massive slipknot fan but I think the new song is fantastic. It's both melodic and heavy and has a somewhat sinister vibe to it. But then I understand most of the fans want the more brutal, raw slipknot sound that i'm not too keen on!
    It kinda does
    Both new songs are rather lackluster. Don't think they sound properly mixed in the drum department either
    The negative one was awesome man, this one... not so much. Agreed that the drums kinda just don't sound right.
    I thought the Negative One had a cool intro and then just lapsed into generic riffing and vocals, nothing special
    The negative one was awesome man, this one... not so much. Agreed that the drums kinda just don't sound right.
    I hope the album (mastered) version of The Devil in I is better sounding. Like Asking Alexandria released Run Free prior to the album, and the track sounded alright, until I heard the album version and that sounded WAY better
    I wouldn't say lackluster. The new song doesn't beat the Negative One in my opinion because Negative One sounds like the Slipknot everyone wanted to hear. The Devil in I is a good song, but it's all there; the singing (who people may slag off as Stone Sour) is there, like in Iowa album, the screaming is there and the music is there. It's just not as evil sounding as songs like Skin Ticket, if you get what I mean :p
    An album that sounded like Skin Ticket would be amazing.... And a bit of 'Iowa' and 'Purity' too...
    I don't mean to sound insensitive, but calling it "The Gray Chapter" strikes me as being a bit too cheesy. I just feel it would've been better suited to a proper tribute album for Paul or to a documentary about his life or something.
    i was gonna post the exact same thing earlier today but figured the maggot fans would have my head. it does sound corny, cheesy, and "woe is me'ish"
    This is a tribute to Gray. In the interviews, Corey's been saying that this album has the emotions of when they lost Gray. We'll have to hear the album to confirm that, but that's the idea.
    I get that they'd want to make an album in his memory, but to actually name it after him I find to be a bit too obvious and kind of cringeworthy.
    I don't understand the hate for "The Devil in I." They're only momentary, but I love the little snippets of traditional death influence. It seems like a good mix of genres, and I dig the more ethereal verses. I mean, seriously, what do you want? At least it's not even remotely similar to All Hope is Gone, which seemed to be their trend hopping album.
    I thought All Hope Is Gone was better than Vol 3. I like some songs on Vol 3, but AHIG was much heavier and more intense than the previous album.
    Sure, it was heavy and intense, but every riff was a riff I'd heard before, and recently. It very much catered to the popular trends of the time, so it seemed a little rehashed, to me.
    And the new bassist and drummer names?
    Avid Pro Tools
    helping shitty bands be a little less shitty since the 80s. (anyone ever notice, that prior to the 80s, music was only 100% better?...probly not, considering ppl think slipknot is good. lol)
    It really was. I used to hate 80s now I've since come to appreciate it. Every popular genre of Today was better in the 80s than it is now with the exception of alternative metal Cause it didn't really exist then.
    This will probably be their "Black Album" - half of old-school fans will despise it, the rest will love it. And then they'll bring on a load of new fans. I hope it isn't...because it means their slow demise is upon us...but we shall see.
    I think they did that already with the last one. I thought it was decent though
    you're welcome for the news UG. I had posted the initial news in the 'Devil In I" post.
    What do people really expect from Slipknot these days?I mean you wont be seeing a new IOWA or self titled album that captures the same vibe,Then there has been so many other groups that have come along and have set the bar ever higher in their own styles of the genre of metal.All Bands change over time,of course Corey sounds more Stonesour oriented these days,people really should be taking this into account before even listening to Knots newest material before blasting the record as lackluster or what have you.So far the material sounds pretty good IMO.It still sounds like good Slipknot without Joey or Paul Grey,(R.I.P)
    I'm sympathetic to a band's right to do whatever the fk they want... But... I already bought the stonesour record (not all of them) and I saw them live... I don't understand why you would have two seperate bands if you're going to have one overarching style that came through in both... Like being a bluesjazz fusion guitarist in a band and then making a side project where you're a bluesjazz fusion guitarist... What's the point? Why not keep the styles distinct and really keep both sides of the coin available to you.?
    can't wait to see the whole thing.Its seems like this is gonna be great album.
    i think the album title is fairly corny. people will say i have no heart and bitch me out but it seems like a forced title. still gonna pick it up release day though
    I'm pretty sure Corey Taylor thinks he's some sort of genius. It's amazing what a bunch of lithium fueled 15 year old fanboys can do to a man's ego. Anywho... Was Paul Grey some sort of sexy skeleton guy? That cover is über gay.
    Well I guess the title is a tribute to Paul Grey then.
    This album is going to be great. TNO was killer, and this new song was very heavy if you ask me. Not dark, but heavy.
    I myself am liking what i'm hearing from Slipknot. After a 5 year hiatus and tragedy death of their bassist, their music has so much more of an impact than I expected. But with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Korn and Dope the old school metalhead in me is embracing the possibility of an embracing of the old school metal style that most of us wish still exsisted in today's music scene.
    I think a lot of the so-so reactions to these two new songs are because of the sound (and maybe the production overall). The bass is too low in the mix and the drums also sound thin. It might be a conscious choice ("...and Justice for All" vibe maybe?). I think "The Negative One" will destroy in concerts.