Slipknot to Release a Double Album?

"Even though we haven't gotten together, there's plenty of material there," explains drummer Joey Jordison.

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Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison recently discussed the band's new record, pointing out that the group is constantly writing despite not getting in the studio yet.

As Jordison told Artist Direct, the amount of new material might even force nu metal veterans to release a double album. Just how serious the drummer was yet remains to be seen.

"Whenever I pick up a guitar and I'm not doing anything, I'm always writing riffs," he said. "That's all we're doing. We've all got a sh-t load of riffs. We're always writing. Even though we haven't gotten together, there's plenty of material there. We talk to each other all the time on our cell phones and all of that when we're on tour in different spots of the world."

Joey explained further, "We're all working. It hasn't found its time yet. We're continuing to write though. We're always writing. We're going to have so much sh-t it might have to be a double record [laughs]."

During the rest of the chat, Jordison focused on his latest project Scar the Martyr, stressing it represents who he really is.

"I busted my a-s," he commented. "I would wait until my emotion would strike me to the point where I was like, 'Now I know what I've got' instead of trying to rush a song." When asked on whether the band's debut record "is the most 'him,'" the drummer replied: "It is. It absolutely one-hundred percent is. I completely stand by that. If people want to hear something that's pretty much all me, this is it."

Scar the Martyr's self-titled debut is scheduled to drop on October 1, featuring vocalist Henry Derek and former members of Strapping Young Lad, Darkest Hour and Nine Inch Nails. Check out one of the new tunes below.

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    I fail to see the correlation between Joey Jordison joking about a double album and Slipknot releasing one. These misleading headlines just get worse and worse.
    This isn't misleading though he said that they have the material and it isn't uncommon it's suggesting that it could happen.
    if its all released in one compact case with 2 discs, then holy sack of shit... this may be the most well awaited album to come now, this would be godly
    I really hope it isn't a double album. Most double albums are 4 or 5 great songs in a see of filler.