Slipknot to Start Working on New Album in Early 2014

Meanwhile, the Clown has revealed a preview of his debut as a movie director with a new comic adaption - see the trailer here.

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Slipknot will come together to write their next album in early 2014, singer Corey Taylor has confirmed.

The frontman says members of the band are knee-deep in song ideas, and will come together to straighten them out at the start of next year.

"Everyone's putting some demos together right now," he told Metal Injection. "I've got about four or five songs that I'm working on, Joey's got a tonne of stuff, Clown's got a bunch of stuff, Jim's got some stuff, Mick ... we all write, so it's going to take a lot of time to get the madness under control.

"Right now that's the plan - to get together early next year and start throwing ideas at each other."

Meanwhile, Slipknot's clown has announced plans to direct and release a live action movie of the popular underground comic "Officer Downe." The story centres around an L.A. super cop who is routinely killed in the line of duty, only to be resurrected to return and fight crime.

It's the Clown's big screen debut, and there are hopes that it will spin off an entire franchise. Watch the Clown reveal his new film project in the clip below.

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    matteo cubano
    "I've got about four or five songs that I'm working on, Joey's got a tonne of stuff, Clown's got a bunch of stuff, Jim's got some stuff, Mick ... we all write" Did anyone else think that the use of "..." makes this look as though Mick doesn't really write?
    These guys are douchebags for making their new bass player perform backstage.
    I see a repeat of Jason Newsted being bullied by his new band because they miss their old deceased bass player coming along.
    Wouldn't say they're douchebags for it but I think Donnie should be considered an official member of the band. Whether he has a mask and jumpsuit or not, he should visually be on stage with them somewhere.
    I hope this isn't full of slow acoustic driven songs, it's fine to do that but I wanna hear angry Slipknot not melancholy Slipknot.
    matteo cubano
    get a time machine, things change. not that I want them to do an acoustic album either but I don't want a fake record. I want them to be authentic and whatever comes from that authenticity will be 10 times better than recreating a state of mind they no longer have. Music is art, art isn't something to you can fake.
    Clown's already said this record will sound more like Iowa.
    Actually he just said it would be cool if they managed one more like Iowa but knowing Slipknot their next one will probably be it's own thing entirely.
    2 good guitar players. Should be good if it doesn't sound like Stone Sour. Not that they're bad, they're just not Slipknot. So I hope we get more growly choruses than singing ones. Think Sic, not Snuff.
    I might be in the minority here, but I hope it's like All Hope Is Gone. I liked the diversity between heavy hitters, slow ballads and oddball tunes - the first record seemed quite one dimensional to me, not that it wasn't good or anything but I though their last effort was their best since Iowa (oddly enough, not a fan of Vol 3)
    Just waiting for the U-turn that absolutely no-one has been coming up with ideas whatsoever and "the other members don't know what they're talking about" - Corey. : P Still looking forward to hearing a new album though.
    That pic looks like it's from a new Red Drawf episode, where Kryten becomes a goth.
    Hasn't this already been established? I thought I read an article exactly like this a few weeks ago here.
    Massive Slipknot fan here. This kind of story pisses me off. There's 8 people in the band, of course they write/have songs. Give me something substantial for once. I'm fed up of people hating on my band because of annoying news stories spawned from unofficial announcements and interviews. The bassist: I think come new album cycle there may be a change in the way he is represented on stage, it wouldn't be the first line-up change they've gone through (Jim Root didn't record most of the Self Titled album).
    can we get back to the brutal sounds of Slipknot? not the Stone Sour input like on the last two albums. I like my Slipknot brutal... not watered down.