Slipknot Unleash First New Single in Six Years, 'The Negative One'

Was it worth the wait?

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Following a six-year break, Slipknot have finally unveiled a brand new single, set to be a part of the band's upcoming album.

Titled "The Negative One," the tune brings staple 'Knot aggressiveness, featuring a hectic drum beat and Corey Taylor's in-your-face vocal parts.

The single will be accompanied with a video tomorrow (August 5). You can check out the track on the band's official website (repeated listens require registration) or in the embedded player below.

As for the full album, no fresh info has been unveiled as of yet, hence the effort is still tentatively due sometime this fall.

When it comes to fan reactions, the majority has approved the song. Some have pointed at an interesting similarity with Metallica's "St. Anger" and we can definitely see where their stance is coming from. So check this one out and share your thoughts below.

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    Still it did sound like Slipknot rather than Metallica.
    If this sounds like St. Anger then Meshuggah is a St. Anger tribute band.
    Hey, look who's late to the party again!
    To be fair UG don't do weekend articles and this song was released at the weekend. But then was this article really necessary in that case?
    Who plays the drums in this song?
    Rumour has it to be Jay Weinberg of Springsteen and E Street Band fame. Heard a lot of people complaining that the drums were too Lars-y and simplistic on this track but I really don't see it. It has a real Iowa vibe to it, and that album didn't have the frantic speedball drumming of the s/t album. While I hope there are stronger songs on the album, I'm definitely not disappointed. Glad to hear Sid up in the mix again
    Jay Weinberg of Against Me and Madball*****. His dad Max Weinberg was in the E Street band.
    matteo cubano
    until his dad retired and he took hi place
    Ummm, everything I can find (including Bruce Springsteen's site) says Max Weinberg is still in the E Street Band. Jay replaced him for some E Street shows while Max was on the Tonight Show.
    matteo cubano
    however my i add i'm aware max is back full time and it was only a temporary replacement but all the same, Jay was definitely considered a member of E street.
    For all we know, those drums could be part of the material Joey recorded prior to his departure. There's something that bothers me, though. Those drums are poorly mixed, especially the bass drum(s). They're so weak, in comparison to that signature 'thump' they had in previous albums.
    I'm wondering who plays Bass on this song. Hopefully Donnie, they'll be major *******s if one of the guitarists recorded the bass after Donnie filling in for nearly 4 years and having to play backstage.
    I think Donnie will still be onboard, and onstage as well. I'm quite interested on what the new members' masks will be, and how will they integrate to the 'bestiary'.
    I think Donnie will still be onboard, and onstage as well. I'm quite interested on what the new members' masks will be, and how will they integrate to the 'bestiary'.
    Similarity with St Anger? How? 2 completely different bands, different sounds, no similar riffs... I am lost on that comment.
    Yeah, I don't get it either. In no way is it as disappointing as St. Anger was...or even the Black Album in my opinion.
    And it doesn't seem such a mad leap from their last album (not like Reload>St Anger anyway)
    The similarity comes from all the internal conflicts inside the band during the whole process.
    I think its ****ing great! Definitely sounds like IOWA. Corey sounds awesome!
    matteo cubano
    yeah people are saying his voice is going out but it just sounds different now, not bad at all.
    Sounds good. Im sure new album will be great one
    We hope, this is after all one song from the album. Don't get me wrong, I love this single that they've released, but I don't want to find out that this is the song which sounds like Iowa/Vol 3 (though that is highly unlikely).
    The chorus is lacking if you ask me. Not that anyone did, but that's the internet for you.
    I think Jim Root needs to use his guitar expertise to add a more complex layer over the one-string notes that Mick is playing. Honestly, that would make the chorus a thousand times better for me. But then again, that's just my opinion...
    Corey's voice has clearly worn out over the years, but at least the vocals are not Stone-Sour-esque, as they were on AHIG. Worn and all, the sound like SLipknot, all right. Samples and scratches that were actually audible are a refreshing thing to hear. Drums are poorly mixed, bass was hard to discern, other than that, it's pure, classic Slipknot goodiness.
    Dude, that's the idea. They purposely made it sound sample and percussion heavy
    Don't forget Corey is over 40 years old, and he's been singing/screaming for over a decade (that we know of). I don't mind the voice, of course it's not like it used to be, but it's great that he's still able to scream like in AHIG and sing (in Stone Sour).
    He's said that he started doing the heavy vocals when he got into slipknot so it's been almost 20 years
    I said over a decade because I wasn't too sure myself (didn't want to exaggerate his career). But wow, that's even more of a milestone for Corey. Thanks for that, and well done to Corey :p
    This sounds so damn beast. I think this album is gonna be great if the other songs sound as aggressive as this one
    Or as awesome as Vermillion part 2, etc. I don't mind a bit of variety in albums (as long as there are really good heavy tunes with some good acoustic pieces)