Slipknot Unveil Official Video for 'The Negative One'

artist: Slipknot date: 08/06/2014 category: new releases
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Slipknot Unveil Official Video for 'The Negative One'
After dropping the song via their website on Friday, Slipknot have now unveiled the official video for "The Negative One."

Expect to see new lineup, including the Paul Gray-replacing bassist and the sticksman, who is behind the Joey Jordison's kit now? Expect further and get ready to be disappointed - the video only features the footage that could be partly seen in the band's eerie announcements. No band can be seen in the video.

"The Negative One," the first band's single in six years, is taken off the band's upcoming new album, the first since 2008's "All Hope Is Gone." It's still unknown what's its title and release date.

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