Slipknot: 'We Refuse to Have a New Album Deadline, It's Too Important'

artist: Slipknot date: 09/06/2013 category: new releases
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Slipknot: 'We Refuse to Have a New Album Deadline, It's Too Important'
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently discussed the band's new record, insisting on taking as much time as needed for its production and release. During a chat with Loudwire, Taylor noted that the band has reached an agreement when it comes to future plans and ideas, pointing out there won't be any deadlines. "We're all on the same page as far as getting together and putting some demos together, seeing what happens - but there's no timeline," he said. "There's no timetable, there's no deadline. 'Cause we refuse to have one, not with this album. "It's too important, it's too pivotal in our career right now and we're not gonna release anything until we're ready to do so," the singer continued. "The plan right now is just start seeing what happens next year," he concluded. Taylor also reached the subject of Stone Sour's double record "House of Gold & Bones," calling it a daunting, yet perfectly timed endeavor. "We bet big and we've made the right decision," Corey said. As previously reported, Slipknot will hit the studio next year to kick off "All Hope is Gone" follow up recording sessions. In a separate Fuse interview back in July, Taylor insisted the new album won't be "crap no one cares about," comparing the current state of music to fast food industry. "It's basically McDonald's trying to make music," he said. "It's like, 'Everybody needs another hamburger and fries. Here's a piece of crap that nobody is going to care about in two years,' I hate that and I don't ever want to be that guy."
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