Slipknot's 'Clown' Discusses the Band's 2014 Comeback

Shawn Crahan revealed a few details on their "one of the most serious things" the band ever done.

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Shawn "Clown" Crahan revealed some details on Slipknot 2014 comeback.

As the band percussionist told Loudwire (via Blabbermouth), he has high hopes for the band's next album.

"When it's right, there will be a new record, and that record is going to be, I predict, one of the most serious things that we will have ever comprehended that we've ever done in our life," he said. "And we pretty much say that on every record, but I really feel that when the time comes, what will be on hand is going to be something almost unimaginable."

Slipknot's comeback is not quite a surprise: Crahan has already shared the band plans on 2014, saying "Slipknot 2014. You can smell it in the air and people can feel it. The energy is out there and you can feel it. People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning.

"You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the 'Knot is, who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere."

He added: "We're coming back full force and I haven't been so excited for a very long time. I mean, we just got off a tour last summer and it's only been eight months, but I feel like we've got six shows this summer and then after that, everyone is just going to chill a little bit. It's on. It feels f--king good."

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    "People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning." Uh-huh.
    In my personal opinion, they have left it far too long, I understand one of them died but in the years its been since then I have just lost interest in Slipknot.
    matteo cubano
    yeah, Corey's voice just can't accomplish the same kinda thing, and there's a lot less angst for him to express. I think Stone Sour is a good fit for him now, but who knows, this could end up being both a new style and sound but still be pretty good.
    I dunno Corey had some pretty heavy vocals in House of gold and bones pt2, and some styles I've never heard from him before. You never know he could be dying to scream his lungs out with Slipknot after a while of playing stuff that's not as heavy. Either way, i'm curious to see whats coming.
    As long as they steer away from the Stone Sour sound and back to the Iowa sound, I'm happy.
    matteo cubano
    they just don't have the same angst and frustration anymore, they're older, matured, more reserved, I would love this to happen too, but Corey/Slipknot reminds me of Eminem. First two albums were so raw and full of authentic gurious lyrical content, the ruthless, brutal anger and agony you hear on Iowa is just gone and if they try to fake it, it'll just sound embarrassing.
    Mr Winters
    "one of the most serious things that we will have ever comprehended that we've ever done in our life" Was the guy high or something?
    After how amazing House Of Gold & Bones 1&2 were, i'd rather hear another Stone Sour album out than Slipknot at this point and time
    To be honest I'd be interested to hear something new from Slipknot. They should definitely keep away from the Stone Sour sound in my opinion, it's just not who they are. I like Stone Sour but that style of metal really does not suit Slipknot. I'd like to hear a heavier album than All Hope Is Gone without them trying to recreate what they did on the first two albums.
    I hate the way Clown presents himself as such an "ARTIST" who lives for the sole purpose of creating "ART" and that "ART" is what he's all about. I think the other guys in Slipknot are fairly decent gentlemen.
    Still don't understand what he does in that band. And for any of you who will come up with whatever smartass answer, let me tell you right away...nothing will justify his presence on stage or on a record.
    That's true. But truth is, they all are very good musicians individually. Somebody has to do the rought work and band on a beer keg! I'm not that into Slipknot, so I'm not certain of this, but I think Shawn is a good piano player. Check it on teh tube. I have a feeling that Corey will write very good lyrics for this album.
    He does percussion. He directs music videos. He does back up vocals. He helps produce the music. He helps write the riffs and lyrics. He does a lot of the photography for it. He's directed multiple Slipknot documentaries. He's an original member. Just because his role isn't in your face like a guitarist or singer doesn't mean he doesn't do anything. He does the inside work that makes Slipknot "Slipknot."
    Saw them live a couple of days ago, amazing show. But Clown is a ****ing idiot.
    I don't need another Slipknot album or tour. If they'd have quit after Vol3 they'd have stayed legends. Everything after that was and will be unneccessary. Stone Sour rules though, good rock band!
    Everyone is always asking for another "Iowa" record, not that that wouldn't be incredible because "Iowa" is my all time favorite record, but the whole reason that album was the way it was is because of all the shit they were putting up with/going through at the time leading up to and during the recording of that album. They were 9 totally unhappy/depressed/angry/resentful/annoyed guys and any other negative emotion you can think of. Now they're multi-platinum artists with tons of people dying to work with them and everyone just trying to kiss their asses and trying NOT to piss them off. With the exception of Paul dying, they really don't have much to be unhappy with as far as their careers go. There's never going to be another album like "Iowa" so you might as well stop asking for it and just be happy with whatever they decide to do. They make the music for themselves, why should they put out a half baked album too soon before being completely comfortable with recording just because you all seem to feel entitled to have it? Just be happy that they're even considering doing another record. Sorry for the ridiculously long and probably overall extraneous rant.
    As much as I would like more Knot, the previous album just did not cut it for me at all. If the next one is anything like it, I'll just call it a day for them, and remember them for their good material. (Metal bands need to stop trying to get on the ****in radio, as if radio were even relevant).
    All Hope Is Gone was a decent enough record, it just wasn't classic super-heavy Slipknot like I was expecting. If they are coming back in '14, I want this to be a legitimate Slipknot record, not a slightly heavier Stone Sour.
    The reason Iowa and Self-titled were so crazy is because Ross Robinson was the producer on those records and put them through a bunch of shit to get them pissed off about everything, which is why those records sound like that. The band has said they don't want to go through that again, which is why they've gone with other producers on the last two albums, where they have a very different sound than before. I highly doubt we'll get another Iowa, but we might get a better, heavier Vol. 3.