Smashing Pumpkins Announce Live Album and 3D Concert Film

Ambitous project to be released in early September.

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Smashing Pumpkins announced details of a new live album and accompanying 3D concert film, entitled "Oceania: Live in NYC."

As Gigwise reports, the new release captures Billy Corgan and co's show at Brooklyn's Barclays Centre last December and is due to be released 3 September via Universal Music Enterprises.

The overall setlist is a variation of new tracks taken from Smashing Pumpkins' most recent record, "Oceania," as well as featuring classic tracks and songs from their other albums. The tracklist is listed below.

"Oceania: Live in NYC" will be available on DVD, 3D Blue-Ray DVD, 2CD, DVD and digitally.

"Oceania: Live in NYC" tracklist:

Disc 1: 01. Quasar 02. Panopticon 03. The Celestials 04. Violet Rays 05. My Love Is Winter 06. One Diamond, One Heart 07. Pinwheels 08. Oceania 09. Pale Horse 10. The Chimera 11. Glissandra 12. Inkless

Disc 2: 01. Wildflower 02. Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) 03. X.Y.U 04. Disarm 05. Tonite Reprise 06. Tonight, Tonight 07. Bullet With Butterfly Wings 08. The Dream Machine 09. Hummer

 01. Ava Adore 02. Cherub Rock 03. Zero

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    If I can say, kinda disappointed that Mayonnaise didn't make the album. One of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. Otherwise, this sounds it could be an awesome live album and might check out the DVD when it comes out.
    Saw them on this tour. Looking forward to this DVD/CD set. Aside from playing Oceania in full, the remaining songs varied a bit. This was our show in Chicago last October after "Wildflower." Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) X.Y.U. Disarm Tonite Reprise Tonight, Tonight Bullet with Butterfly Wings A Song for a Son Zero Cherub Rock Encore: Ava Adore Mayonaise
    Sweet i shall be purchasing this.For being around for soo long its about time the pumpkins put a live dvd together.
    Not sure about the film, but i'd love to hear the album! And "panopticon" alone is one of the best new songs they've released in a long time! Love Mike's drumming on it.
    I'm not huge fan of the new album, but as Smashing Pumpkins fan since the mid 90's, I'm still stoked to hear this live.
    What about Today? I saw them on this tour and they closed with it. I hope its on there and they just didn't print it.
    I film myself playing guitar with my phone, metallica have professionals do it for them using IMAX cameras. and that, is the different levels of success kids
    Smashing pumpkins in 3D vs Metallica in IMAX Hmmm....I'll take metallica