Smashing Pumpkins Releasing Two New Albums in 2015: 'Guitars, Guitars and More Guitars'

Band confirms kicking off recording sessions, album titles also revealed, check them out inside.

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Next year is going to be quite a ride for Smashing Pumpkins fans, as frontman Billy Corgan has officially announced the release of not one, but two new studio albums in 2015.

Titled "Monuments to an Elegy" and "Day for Night," the albums were described as "guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars." The recording sessions have already begun yesterday (March 25), while the first single can be expected near the end of the year.

"Pleased to announce that I've just inked a new record deal with BMG that will see the release of two Smashing Pumpkins albums in 2015; titled successively: 'Monuments to an Elegy' and 'Day for Night,'" Corgan noted via official website.

"For those interested in sound, think: 'guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars;' but more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic. Recording sessions begin today, as plenty of songs have been written and ready to go. Manning the boards will be producer Howard Willing, with whom I first had the pleasure of working with during the 'Adore' sessions. We expect a single out by year's end," the frontman added.

A fresh studio update was posted today (March 26), confirming that the band has accumulated a whopping amount of 132 demos. "Spent most of the day listening to 132 demos. Yes, you read that right! 132! Crazyland ... And still another 20-25 to go. Once we whittle those down, we'll dive in tomorrow on a new round of song-work/arrangements for those chosen for 'Monuments,'" the note reads, along with the photo below.

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    I'd be much more excited if he said they're working with Butch Vig for these next records.
    I agree, Butch really took the time to make sure Billy's voice sounded right and I think that the repeated takes for 8 hours even annoyed Billy...maybe that's why they haven't worked again since.
    I really hope this is a return to form, but if he's workig with the producer who helped him release Adore in such a depressing state, I can't see it happening.
    Adore was actually very good... but I still agree with you that I don't really wanna see them going back in that direction. Hopefully this will be more of a Melancholy type project with th 2 discs, "guitars, guitars, and more guitars", and being "on the epic side of things"
    Adore's songs were good at the core, but the arrangements were just too depressing and he admits himself that the track order feels like a funeral march. And it did steer them towards their decline. What I'd like to see would be less stripped down arrangements, and for Billy to take his vocal phrasing more seriously again. He's long lost that softer side to his voice and needs to bring that and the dynamics back rather than just pummelling everyone with one heavy song just like the last heavy song...but heavier.