Smashing Pumpkins To Record 'Oceania' Album In May

artist: The Smashing Pumpkins date: 04/27/2011 category: new releases
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Smashing Pumpkins To Record 'Oceania' Album In May
Starting this fall, EMI Music will honor the legacy of The Smashing Pumpkins with an extensive campaign that will see the iconic band's albums from 1991-2000 reissued in fully remastered deluxe versions, each with bonus material. With the full support and guidance from The Smashing Pumpkins - who've created one of the most acclaimed bodies of work in musical history, selling over 30 million albums - EMI will roll out the global catalog campaign with the band's 1991 debut album "Gish", 1993's "Siamese Dream" and the 1994 compilation album "Pisces Iscariot". The excitement will continue into 2012 when EMI will reissue 1995's nine-times-platinum double album "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness", 1996's five-disc box set "The Aeroplane Flies High" and 1998's "Adore". In 2013, their 2000 albums "Machina/The Machines Of God" and "Machina II: The Friends & Enemies Of Modern Music" will be unified into one package. A best-of compilation will also be released in 2013. The pivotal group's many hits defined the alternative music era and continue to resonate on modern rock radio, influencing a whole new generation. This news comes as The Smashing Pumpkins have announced they will head into the studio in May to record "Oceania" - "an album within an album" - as part of their in-progress 44-song work "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope", nine songs of which have already been released online for free (with two elaborately packaged EPs available in stores). The 10 new songs from "Oceania" will be released online at once in September (exact details to be announced). The band is also eyeing a possible return to the road this August. Meanwhile, The Smashing Pumpkins will release one more song ("Owata") next week (details to be announced) from "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope" before they take a break to record "Oceania". Billy Corgan, vocalist, lead guitarist and songwriter for The Smashing Pumpkins, is excited by the partnership with EMI and how this will result in the release of Pumpkins material that's in the vaults. "What makes the deal with EMI groundbreaking is the band has secured the right to all unreleased materials and will be in charge of any additional releases based on our discretion", says Billy Corgan, who founded the band in Chicago in 1988. "In essence, the band has the keys to the warehouse and can release whatever we want, when we want it. EMI totally supports this right, and they are our partners in it." Colin Finkelstein, COO of EMI Music North America, said, "The Smashing Pumpkins is a hugely influential and groundbreaking band, and EMI Music is pleased to partner with them for this global catalog initiative. We're excited to work with Billy Corgan to release remastered and expanded editions of the band's visionary albums, including previously unreleased recordings, and for EMI Music to exclusively distribute other gems from The Smashing Pumpkins vaults, as sourced by Billy." Thanks for the report to
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