Smiths Rarities Box-Set Cancelled by 'Record Label Politics'

artist: The Smiths date: 06/20/2013 category: new releases
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Smiths Rarities Box-Set Cancelled by 'Record Label Politics'
Johnny Marr says he was set to release a box set of rare and instrumental songs by the Smiths - but was stopped by what he calls "record label politics." Speaking to NME, who awarded him their annual Godlike Genuis award this year, Marr said it would have been like a Beatles-style "Anthology" box set: "When I started putting The Smiths box-set together I discovered lots of different versions and instrumentals and different mixes that I wanted to put out. But I was stopped. I think that stuff should come out properly but there were politics that stopped me so I just gave up trying. "What I'm talking about is these bootlegs of instrumentals and alternative versions. I wanted them to come out properly. But someone, somewhere didn't want it out. I think that's a shame. I'm a fan and I like that stuff to be done properly. I really tried to protect the legacy." Marr released his debut solo album "The Messenger" this year, and will promote it with a tour across the UK in October.
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