Social Distortion 'Greatest Hits' Details

The release date, track listing and artwork for Social Distortion's long-awaited "Greatest Hits" album have been announced.

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Social Distortion are set to release their first career spanning collection on June 26. Time Bomb Recordings will release the "Greatest Hits" (view artwork here) on CD and limited edition vinyl. Classic songs from every classic album are represented in this definitive retrospective (track-listing below).

From the early So-Cal punk track "Mommy's Little Monster," that put them on the map, on through to 2004's radio hit "Reach For The Sky." Covering Social Distortion's three decade long career, "Greatest Hits" showcases the best in band leader Mike Ness' heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting. Their classic cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" is included as well.

The "Greatest Hits" will include the unreleasd track "Far Behind," which is the hard charging new song recorded just for this collection and is the album's lead single - hitting the airwaves May 15. The band will tour worldwide in support of the "Greatest Hits" album. More dates to be announced through 2007.

There has been speculation that Social D have also been in the studio working on their follow-up to 2004's "Sex, Love And Rock 'n' Roll". There has been no word on the title of the album and frontman Mike Ness recently said in an interview that it will probably not surface until 2008.

Here is the track listing, announced on the band's official website:

01. "Another State of Mind" 02. "Mommy's Little Monster" 03. "Prison Bound" 04. "Story of My Life" 05. "Ball and Chain" 06. "Ring of Fire" 07. "Bad Luck" 08. "When the Angels Sing" 09. "I Was Wrong" 10. "Reach for the Sky" 11. "Far Behind"

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    For all those years that they have produced some of the greatest punk music, this is allt ehy come up with for greatest hits? don't **** with me What happend to through these eyes, Dont drag me down and moral threat and more, im pissed
    is this really a greatest hits? the creeps? angels wings? winners and loosers? buy the original stuff instead. rock on!
    this is a pathetic list. total shit. 1945? playpen? moral threat? this is not the punk social d thats for sure, except for moommys little monster and another state of mind its all the more alternative mainstream social d...that is nothing in comparison...
    Wow, no sick boy, no don't drag me down and no don't take me for granted...ouch. They should have did a double disc for amount of great songs SD had.
    where is don't drag me down? seriously, i think it's kinda a dissapointment, i'd be expecting way more of their hits not only 10.
    Mental Hop
    So that means of all the amazing songs Social Distortion has, only 10 are "the greatest"? Don't Take Me For Granted isn't even on there and that is certainly one of the greatest, at least in my opinion.
    There should've been alot of songs on there..death or glory should've been on there..Oh well cant wait to buy it!!
    yea they could put more, but they should really put a dvd thing in their if their only gonna have 11 songs or maybe like a poster or sticker so that logtime fans wont be just buying songs theyve already got except for the one new one.
    yeah they should have a lot more on there, it's a shame. i know of bands who have put out greatest hits, like the beach boys, and they have at least 20, maybe 25 songs on it. tsk tsk.
    wheres telling them? damn, they could have much more on that.
    I totally agree... what the hell is the deal with record companies and greatest hits that aren't even the right ones? I'm not saying this is a bad list, no not at all, but there are just so many overlooked songs just becuase their not #1 mainstream doesn't mean they arent a "greatest hit"... sick boy anyone?
    The FIRST EVER career spanning collection from Social Distortion is in stores now! The Time Bomb Recordings release of Social Distortion's Greatest Hits is available on CD and limited edition vinyl including an interview bonus track! Catch them on tour this summer with The Hangmen and The Heart Attacks! for dates and ticket info!