Social Distortion Reveal Studio Plans

Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness said that the band is planning to enter the studio to begin recording their long-awaited new album.

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Russian's Tarakany! Bad TV recently conducted an interview with Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness. In the interview, he talks about what he's been up to for the last couple years, the band's European tour, next album and how he got turned on to music.

Asked about the new Social Distortion album, Ness said that he had continued writing new material when he took some time off from touring last year and that the band is scheduled to enter the studio to begin recording their long-awaited new album around this December or the beginning of next year. The album would be the band's first of all new material since 2004's "Sex, Love And Rock 'n' Roll".

The interview is available in three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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    punXander wrote: CAN'T WAIT!
    Can't wait either, man! I'm expecting some greatness on the new record.
    Social D sure take their time between albums...Sex, Love, and Rock and Roll was worth the wait, and I am confident the upcoming album will be too!
    slypoonce wrote: punXander wrote: CAN'T WAIT! +5678978234 and 1/2
    Nick Curleo
    Just for the record, they're not really punk anymore, that ended a while back, but this album will definitely kick ass