Soilwork Stab The Drama

artist: Soilwork date: 04/14/2005 category: upcoming releases

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Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers recently spoke to Chart Attack about the group's latest CD, "Stabbing The Drama", reports "This album was a way of channelling my rage," he said. "After having two drummers leave the band, I wanted to get that out. I also wanted to be spontaneous. This album is heavy and melodic like never before. This album represents a lot of what we've gone through over the past few years." With regards to the album title, Wichers said "I'm not sure exactly what Björn ['Speed' Strid, vocals] wants the title to mean [He's] usually very secretive of his titles, but for me it's about putting an end to the drama this band has been through lately. It's a very catchy title that represents the album. I didn't hear the album finished until it was mixed and I didn't think it was gonna be this heavy. It's powerful but it's a cold brutality." Read more at ChartAttack.
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