Sonic Youth - Sonic Life

artist: Sonic Youth date: 01/23/2006 category: upcoming releases

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Sonic Youth - Sonic Life
Experimental rockers, Sonic Youth, have finished recording the basic tracks at Sears Sound Studio for their upcoming album, which is rumored to be titled "Sonic Life". The album brings Sonic Youth back to their 4 piece line-up of Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, and Steve Shelley. Jim O'Rourke, who joined in 1999, left the band in late 2005 to pursue work in film. The album will feature tracks titled "Pink Steam", "Do You Believe in Rapture?", "Or" and "Sleepin Around", which were played in some of Thurston's solo gigs. This is Sonic Youth's last year on Geffen Records, according to their contract, and it is still unknown what the Youth will do afterwards. Perhaps resign with Geffen, or go to an Indie label, or only release on their own label, SYR, or Steve Shelly's Label, Smells Like Records. In other news, Sonic Youth have plans to reissue 3 albums on CD and vinyl. The Sonic Youth EP, Ciccone Youth-The Whitey Album, and The Psychic Hearts-The Psychic Hearts. The albums are due out sometime this March. The EP consists of:
  • The Remastered Original Record: 01. Burning Spear 02. I Dreamed I Dream 03. She Is Not Alone 04. I Don't Want To Push It 05. The Good and the Bad
  • Early Live (September 18, 1981): 06. Hard Work 07. Where The Red Fern Grows 08. Burning Spear 09. Cosmopolitan Girl 10. Loud and Soft 11. Destroyer 12. She Is Not Alone
  • Early Studio (October, 1981): 13. Where the Red Fern Grows
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