Sonic Youth Gearing Up To Write New Album

artist: Sonic Youth date: 02/13/2008 category: upcoming releases

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Sonic Youth Gearing Up To Write New Album
Sonic Youth a preparing to write a brand new album, which the band aim to release early next year. The band performed two songs songs 'Jams Run Free' and 'Kool Thing' during the Marc Jacobs runway show at the Armory on Lexington Ave on Friday night, and speaking after the show, Thurston Moore said they're gearing up to write the follow-up to 2006's 'Rather Ripped' this spring. "We haven't gotten together in about four months, we've been taking a nice sort of break, which is good. I've been actually able to escape into the basement. We're going to Australia next week for about two weeks then we'll come back and start writing." Meanwhile, Moore will perform at SXSW in March, which he will attend with Ecstatic Peace acts Awesome Color and Tall Firs. Credits for the info to
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