Sonic Youth To Release Seminal Documentary Featuring Nirvana

artist: Sonic Youth date: 07/18/2011 category: new releases

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Sonic Youth To Release Seminal Documentary Featuring Nirvana
Sonic Youth have announced plans to release their seminal tour documentary "1991: The Year Punk Broke" featuring previously unseen footage of Nirvana, on DVD. The film documents the group touring European festivals with Kurt Cobain's band, The Ramones, Dinosaur Jr and Babes In Toyland. You can watch footage of the opening scene by scrolling down and clicking below. The documentary has never been released on DVD and it is currently out of print. But Sonic Youth have restored and remastered the film which now comes with 65 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material shot during the tour, reports Rolling Stone. The new footage also includes an unseen live clip of Nirvana playing "In Bloom" and Sonic Youth performing "White Cross", "Eric's Trip" and "Inhuman". A US release date for the film has been scheduled for September 6. No UK date has yet been set.
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