Soundgarden Bassist Releasing Debut Solo Record in August

Ben Shepherd set to unleash "In Deep Owl" this summer, single "Barron Robber" available for online streaming.

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Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd has officially confirmed August 27 as the release date of his debut solo record "In Deep Owl."

Featuring Soundgarden stickman Matt Cameron and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain, the record was written during the last four years, Spin reports.

The bassist also premiered the record's first single "Barron Robber" via SoundCloud and unveiled the single cover on his official Facebook page. You can check them both out below.

With a bit more of a raw sound, the song clocks in at just under three minutes with an upbeat mid-tempo theme stretching throughout its entire length. With a few interesting tricks on both the bass and guitar, Shepherd keeps the listener well entertained during the whole song, easily making it a good listen. The limited edition 12" vinyl edition of the upcoming album is currently available for pre-order. You can check out more details, as well as the track's lyrics here.

The latest Soundgarden release, "King Animal," dropped during November 2012 via Vertigo Records as the sixth studio effort from the Seattle four-piece. With 83,000 units sold in the US within the first week, it debuted at No.5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I love albums with sound like this. Production on most rock albums today goes way too far overboard anymore. Giving it a crappy compressed sound. Cant wait to hear the rest.
    Ben has written some of my favorite soundgarden songs taree and rowing are two of the best from king animal, dusty, Ty Cobb, zero chance, and head down are all badass as well this should be good especially with Matt Cameron drumming
    Yea he's a very talented songwriter. Switch Opens, Half, and An Unkind are some of my favorites.
    Love it! Shepard is one of my favorite bassists, and this sounds really good!
    Shepherd always wrote the most interesting SG songs. I will be otdering this, if for no other reason, to thank him for "Taree".
    Would have been better with the entire band from Soundgarden. Cornell's voice would have been suited for this. I wish Soundgarden's last album took more of this approach. This is just too under-produced, and King Animal was just too Over-produced.
    Pretty cool song. Ben wrote some awesome as hell songs for Soundgarden so I'll definitely be checking the album out.
    Man this is what the new Soundgarden album should've sounded like - way raw, instead of being mixed for use in car commercials and movie trailers. I wasn't expecting this song to be so rad
    Sounds exactly like a Soundgarden song and he's even trying to sing like Chris.
    The singer is a guy called Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf), it's not Ben Shepherd
    Ben Shepherd - Guitar, Bass guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Drums Matt Cameron - Drums, percussion Matt Chamberlain - Drums, percussion Joseph Braley - Drums, percussion Greg Gilmore - Drums, percussion Hmmm.
    Why's there 5 drummers?
    Vicryl 2.0
    The first dude who can relate to the bassist is the drummer. So he got 4 drummers.
    Ben used Different drummers for all the songs on the album. The two Matts handled the bulk of it, I played drums for Baron Robber, Greg Gilmore did a song, and Ben did a great job of playing drums for one as well.
    huh where'd you get that info? It says on his soundcloud : "All vocals and instruments were played by H.B. Shepherd" and it does sound like Ben
    No, that's definitely Ben. Source: My name is Joseph Braley and I play drums on this song, and in Reignwolf. Hiiiii!
    is there anything wrong with that? even then it doesn't
    I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with that. And I don't mean he's trying to sound exactly like Chris. I mean he is using the same vocal style.
    The songwriting is very cool, but I think that the recording and mixing on the track sound downright amateurish. It sounds more like a demo to me than a finished recording.