Soundgarden to Work on New Album in 2015: 'A Lot of Ideas, a Lot of Riffs'

"I come up with a lot of ideas, but it's difficult to assemble a song while touring," says guitarist Kim Thayil.

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Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil confirmed that the band will get down to writing a new album sometime in 2015, pointing out that current touring obligations are taking toll on the creative process.

However, seeing that the guys hinted at a lengthy hiatus last year, the latest update is bound to make the fans happy.

Chatting with Faster Louder, Kim stated, "We're probably gonna start working on another album in 2015. I know Chris has been writing stuff while we're on tour. It's hard to write on tour. I come up with a lot of ideas, a lot of riffs, every time I pick up a guitar but it's difficult to assemble a song for me while touring. But Chris spent some time - he travels with a computer and ProTools equipment - and he'll work on songs in his hotel room, which is great."

According to the official website, Soundgarden are about a week away from wrapping up the current concert trek, leaving out two February 2015 shows as the only upcoming gigs. Speaking of which, the group was recently announced as one of the Soundwave 2015 headliners, more info here.

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    It's a shame Chris voice has become weaker over the years but King Animal was one my favorite 2012 albums and their songwriting is still phenomenal, truly a band where ALL the band members are immensely talented. Ben Shepherd 4 life.
    I loved the heavier songs off of King Animal: "Blood On the Valley Floor" and "Bones of Birds", so hopefully those riffs are meaty.
    I also love "Bones of Birds", but I wouldn't call it one of the heavier songs on the album. It's very sombre
    Took a while for King Animal to grow on me but I ended up loving the majority of it. Can't wait to see what's next!
    Just got back from seeing them live. Always liked their sound so I'll be hearing this.